‘America’s Got Talent’ live results 1 recap: Which 7 acts advanced to semifinals and who earned the Dunkin’ Save? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

The first group of 12 acts in the quarterfinals performed live on Tuesday’s two-hour episode of “America’s Got Talent.” Only seven of these dozen acts will advance to the semifinals. So which acts earned enough votes to perform again in the next round? Overnight viewers voted for their favorites and the results were revealed during a one-hour episode of “AGT” on Wednesday.

Below is our recap of the live results show, which is set to include a performance by last year’s champion Darci Lynne Farmer. Who are you rooting for and who would you be happy to see sent on their way? Be sure to sound off in the comments about the night’s most shocking snubs.

To kick off the results, host Tyra Banks will reveal the five acts that brought in the most votes and automatically advance to the semis. That will leave an unlucky seven in jeopardy. At this point, Tyra will us who were the sixth, seventh and eighth place vote-getters. These three acts will be eligible for the Dunkin’ Save, a live vote to take place during the rest of the show, with the most popular earning the sixth slot.

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The two acts that don’t win the Dunkin’ Save will then have to hope that they win over enough of the four judges to be their choice as the seventh act to make it through to the semifinals in three weeks time.

8:00 p.m. – We all know that each season the singers tend to do better with the voting audience than other types of acts, but last night there was a lot of them to choose from–three soloists, a choir and a trio! Can all five of them make it through or will one of them succumb to the threat of split votes? Similarly, there were two dance crews, two comedy acts and two illusionists. And then Mochi! Who will make it through is tough to call and your guess is as good as mine. Let’s find out!

8:11 p.m. – Kicking things off, Tyra fills us in on the names of the three acts that placed in 6th, 7th and 8th place, competing for the Dunkin’ Save: Angel City Chorale, Junior New System and Mochi. Right out of the gate, Angel City Chorale jumps off to an early lead with 40% of the live vote while Junior New System and Mochi come in with just 30% each. Howie points out that the three acts couldn’t be more different and that it’ll be a close race because of it.

8:16 p.m. – After the first commercial break, Angel City Chorale widened their lead to 42% so at this point I’d be surprised if they don’t stay on top throughout the hour. I should also point out that before the break Simon made his thoughts clear about last night’s performances, saying that he thought everyone “except one or two” were exceptional. Tyra prodded slightly and Simon conceded that the Human Fountains remain his least favorite–ouch!

8:20 p.m. – In the next set of results, Tyra has We Three, The PAC Dance Team and Flau’jae all step forward. From that group, the act that advanced to the semifinals is We Three! That means we have to say goodbye to the high school crew that Howie was never impressed by and Flau’jae who I personally thought was a shoe-in to advance. I’m upset!!!

8:24 p.m. – Next Tyra brings to the forefront Vicki Barbolak and Human Fountains. Between those two acts Simon is happy to find out that it’s Vicki that advances! So we also say goodbye to the dapper water-spitters.

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8:31 p.m. – In a break from results, season 12 champion Darci Lynne returns to the AGT stage for a new performance with her rabbit friend Petunia. Though her ventriloquy act hasn’t strayed too far from what it was last year, Darci Lynne is certainly more confident and polished now, exuding true star quality. And can I just say, Petunia’s voice is as incredible as ever!

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8:39 p.m. – Tyra has Amanda Mena and Courtney Hadwin step forward together to deliver the news that, in a surprise, both of them have made it through! Amanda is the second shock of the night for me. I predicted that her and Flau’jae would have swapped spots, but that isn’t to say Amanda doesn’t deserve it. She does!

8:41 p.m. – That leaves us with only Lord Nil and Shin Lim left to hear which one of them has advanced. And it’s going to be Shin Lim! So now we get to see what his plans to impress Simon are. That’s certainly exciting! Do you think his “vote Shin Lim” card trick actually worked?!

8:48 p.m. – And now the results of the Dunkin’ Save–as expected based on the early numbers, Angel City Chorale has won the live vote and is saved by the viewing audience! I’m thrilled by that result, but Mochi is on stage crying and now I feel so horrible! But all is not lost for him–the judges now have the duty of selecting either Mochi or Junior New System to earn the judges’ save and become the seventh and final act to reach the semifinals.

8:55 p.m. – After deliberation, Tyra asks each of the judges to announce their pick to advance to the semis: Mel picks Mochi, Heidi picks Junior New System, Howie picks Mochi and Simon picks Junior New System which makes it a tie! That means the decision falls back on America and the overnight vote which gives the edge to Junior New System!

10:00 p.m. – So to recap: The first seven semifinalists are We Three, Vicki Barbolak, Amanda Mena, Courtney Hadwin, Shin Lim, Angel City Chorale and Junior New System.

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And the 12 acts performing next week are The Savitsky Cats, Makayla Phillips, Da Republik, Noah Guthrie, Quin and Misha, Yumbo Dump, Glennis Grace, Duo Transcend, Voices of Hope, Front Pictures, Samuel J. Comroe and The Sacred Riana.

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Do you agree with the first set of results? Who did you vote for and who are you most sad to see go? Be sure to make your voice heard in the comments!

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