‘America’s Got Talent’ live results 2 recap: Which 7 acts advanced to the semifinals and who won the Dunkin’ Save? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

The second set of quarterfinalists performed live on Tuesday’s two-hour episode of “America’s Got Talent.” Only seven of these 12 acts will advance to the semifinals. “AGT” viewers voted ovenight for their favorites from quarterfinal 2 and the results were revealed during a one-hour episode on August 22. So which acts earned enough votes to perform again in the next round?

Below is our recap of the live results show, which is set to include a performance by last year’s third place finishers Light Balance. Who are you rooting for and who would you be happy to see sent on their way? Be sure to sound off in the comments about the night’s most shocking snubs.

To kick off the results, host Tyra Banks will reveal the three acts  eligible for the Dunkin’ Save, a live vote to take place during the rest of the show, with the most popular earning the sixth slot. The five acts that brought in the most votes and automatically advance to the semis.

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The two acts that don’t win the Dunkin’ Save will then have to hope that they win over enough of the four judges to be their choice as the seventh act to make it through to the semifinals in two weeks time.

These seven will join these acts from Week 1 that were also put through to the semifinals: Angel City Chorale, Vicki Barbolak, Courtney Hadwin, Junior New System, Shin LimAmanda Mena and We Three.

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8:00 pm: Tyra introduced a jam-packed recap of last night’s live semi-final. We saw lots of behind-the-scenes footage as well as some of the most show-stopping moments on stage. It ran for a whopping eight minutes.

8:09 pm: Tyra talked to the judges, including head honcho Simon Cowell, who said it was the nuttiest ever.

8:10 pm: Tyra revealed that the three acts hoping for the Dunkin’ Save are: Da Republik, Front Pictures and Makayla Phillips.

8:15 pm: The first wave of results reveals that Front Pictures has 38% while Makayla is at 37% and Da Republik is last with 25%.

8:18 pm: Singer/songwriter Noah Guthrie made the cut while two duos – dancers Quin & Misha and comedians Yumbo Dump — were left in the dust.

8:20 pm: Children’s choir Voices of Hope screamed with delight when they were put through while Savitsky Cats were sent to the litter box.

8:26 pm: A lame comedy bit with Tyra doing some speed-dating with Simon coaching them by means of a hidden earpiece proved that not everyone has talent.

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8:33 pm: After that misfire, the appearance of last year’s third-place finishers Light Balance was a welcome sight.

8:38 pm: Tyra gave viewers in the Eastern and Central time zones the 2-minute warning for the Dunkin’ Save.

8:40 pm: Comedian Samuel J. Comroe and singer Glennis Grace got the good news that they both made it through, although Grace didn’t get the message at first.

8:42 pm: Duo Transcend was the last of the five acts to be put through based on the public vote. They got their slot over The Sacred Riana.

8:48 p.m. – And now the results of the Dunkin’ Save. In one of the closest votes ever, Makayla Phillips was saved by the viewing audience!

8:55 p.m. – After deliberation, Tyra asks each of the judges to announce their pick to advance to the semis: Heidi picks Da Republik as does Mel B. Howie agonizes and then opts for Front Pictures. However, Simon casts the deciding vote for Da Republik.

To recap, the seven acts in the semifinals are three solo singers — Glennis Grace, Noah Guthrie, Makayla Phillips — comedian Samuel J. Comroe, dancers Da Republik, aerialists Duo Transcend, and children’s choir Voices of Hope.

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Do you agree with the second set of results? Who did you vote for and who are you most sad to see go? Be sure to make your voice heard in the comments!

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