‘America’s Got Talent’ episode 6 recap: Heidi Klum will hit her Golden Buzzer on July 10 [LIVE BLOG]

“America’s Got Talent” will end the audition phase of the competition on July 10. As all of the other judges having pressed the Golden Buzzer to send an act straight through to the live performances, we know that Heidi Klum will be doing likewise on this sixth episode devoted to the auditions.

While the last new episode on June 26 did not include any Golden Buzzer acts, the previous four did. On the episode that aired on June 19, Mel B sang the praises of teen vocalist Amanda MenaHowie Mandel had done likewise on June 12 for 13-year-old British songbird Courtney Hadwin. Head judge Simon Cowell was a fan of another singer, Michael Ketterer, on the June 5 edition while host Tyra Banks flipped for dance troupe Zurcaroh on the May 29 premiere.

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The July 10 episode will be the final chance to see the best (and worst) auditions on “AGT.” An act must get a yes vote from at least three of the four judges to move on to the the next round. Conversely, if at least two judges buzz an act, it is immediately eliminated.

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Below, read our “America’s Got Talent” Season 13, Episode 6 recap of the acts in the order in which they took to the stage on Tuesday’s episode:

8:03 p.m. – For tonight’s first act of the final night of auditions, the three guys of Hamster Wheel not only implemented, but actually built a chain reaction machine, much like the board game Mouse Trap. The machine which they said took 300 hours to build was triggered by Simon calling Tyra’s phone, already placed on the machine, which vibrated and fell into a bag that set loose golf balls that from there triggered pool balls, a swinging microphone, a tipping wine glass, rising balloons and rolling blocks. By the end, the machine hit all of its points and impressed all of the judges except Heidi who called it “very boring.” At first Mel was on the fence, but with some encouragement from the audience she was triggered to join Simon and Howie to give them their third YES.

8:14 p.m. – 13 year old Patches wrote an original song to audition with tonight about “the essence of performing.” Dressed in a suit like he was going to church, it was quite a surprise that his song ended up being a rap. The unexpected song was in fact original, but that’s the element of surprise that impressed and fascinated the entire panel to the point of them giving him a unanimous set of YESES to send him through to the next round.

8:22 p.m. – Prior to the next full act, we saw two pairs make it through to the next round: one blindfolded dagger throwing duo and another that did flips and acrobatics on a teeter totter that vaulted them into the air. They were followed by father-daughter acrobats Sergey and Sasha who performed the daring act of spinning Sasha on her own head on top of her father’s head and then moving into multiple other positions that involved balancing upside down with just their own strength supporting them. For the finale, while balancing Sasha (who was twirling a baton with her feet) upside down on his head, Sergei climbed a ladder and back down. Incredible! Aside from how talented they are, both Heidi and Simon pointed out that Sasha also has a great personality–and that was before she made a crack at Howie’s hair! Needless to say, it was an undeniable four YESES.

8:34 p.m. – The 160 members of the Angel City Chorale have the mission of building community through diverse backgrounds and inspire by donating time and resources to charitable endeavors. Their audition began with the group making the sound of rain with snapping fingers, patting their thighs and then jumping on the stage in rhythm to mimic thunder claps. After that they sang like every other choir, but still they created a great energy on stage and with the audience and judges and so it was an easy YES from all four judges. Simon calls them one of the best choirs they’ve ever had on the show, but will they be the first to actually win?

8:46 p.m. – Atypical stand up comedian Oliver Graves took the stage in a black wig and black eye makeup in a sort of death look that caught the judges off guard at first. You could tell that even the audience was unsure whether or not he’d follow through with actually being funny, but from the very first self-deprecating and haunted humor joke he was getting laughs from all the judges and throughout the audience! Howie and Mel had very kind words for Oliver, calling him intelligent and saying that he got everything right. Oliver was in tears, admitting that he doesn’t get a lot of support for his act in the real world and so the reception here, including his four YES votes, was a change in pace. Let’s see what else he’s got in the next round!

8:56 p.m. Angelito Garcia was next up with his singing audition of a Spanish language song in honor of his dad who he says is his inspiration. Angelito’s voice was big and booming, enough to get any talented vocalist through, but he was also charming and had great stage presence. Mel was the most ecstatic of all the judges, but Simon thought his confidence and sense of cool were spot on. Howie liked the performance, but would have preferred something younger and so he gave him a NO. After Mel and Heidi’s two YES votes, it came down to Simon who called him one of the best singers they’ve had so far and so he gave Angelito the third YES he needed to advance to the next round!

9:08 p.m. – Following a montage about how great so many of the tech-focused acts have been this season, I Am Robot came to the stage in tin foil arms with clamp fingers in what can only be explained as a comedy act gone very wrong. He called his act a “product demonstration,” but that just meant he was going to try to peel an orange using his clamp fingers… at which point he got X’d off the stage one by one from each of the judges. This failed act was followed by a bogus Spice Girls reunion (it was men in drag singing horribly), some random act about blowing up balloons and a group called Box of Clowns that wasn’t funny at all–each of the three X’d out of the competition just like the robot.

9:19 p.m. – For her act, Pam promised the singing dog that Simon has always been looking for! Oscar and Pam are a piano and singing duet that mostly because of the novelty of it got a standing ovation from the audience and gave Simon exactly what he wanted to find. Heidi and Mel weren’t as impressed as Simon and Howie, saying they expected a little more than just the “on key” howling that Oscar “sang.” Simon and Howie were easy YESES, Heidi was a NO and so Mel was the deciding factor and she… went with the audience and gave the act a third YES!

9:29 p.m.Hunter Price is another singing act tonight (not a dog and with a guitar instead of a piano), giving us his rendition of “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You,” but was stopped early in the song by Simon who urged him to stop the karaoke version and try something of his own that he wrote. Immediately as he started the original song, the crowd cheered and it was clear that his talent was better suited to his own style than emulating that of another artist. Even with the better song, the judges were concerned that he wasn’t opening up enough as an authentic artist or performer and had more work to do. Howie gave him a NO, but Heidi and Mel were a solid YES. Simon agreed with Howie that he needs more confidence, but ultimately took a leap of faith and sent him to the next round with his third YES.

9:42 p.m. – A number of dance troupes made it through to the next round, including a group of young girls called Pancakes, an explosive and vibrantly dressed co-ed group from Cali, Colombia and a high school dance team dressed as Wizard of Oz characters that have had viral videos prior to trying out. They were followed by Blue Tokyo, seven male dancers who specialized in synchronized gymnastics, baton twirling and other precision-based movement. Unfortunately only six of them could perform tonight because one of them injured himself prior to the audition, but that didn’t stop Heidi from calling them “superheroes” or Mel loving their athleticism. Overall, the entire panel loved everything about the audition and all agreed that they should advance to the next round!

9:52 p.m. – Not to spoil it or anything, but based on the minute of the hour, it’s time to unveil the act that Heidi will give the Golden Buzzer to! It’s going to be Makayla Phillips, a 15 year old singer. For her audition she stunned the entire theater with her version of Demi Lovato‘s “Warrior.” At the moment Makayla closed out the song, Heidi stood up, calling her “cute, absolutely incredible” and admiring how she projects to the entire room. At that point she hit the magical button and sent Makayla straight through to the live shows!

10:00 p.m. – Next Tuesday we move on to the next stage of the competition, Judges’ Cuts with guest judge Ken Jeong. Join me again next week for another live blog chat and let me know who your favorite overall act is in the comments!

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