Tearful Mel B is ‘shaking’ after ‘America’s Got Talent’ sibling band We Three honors mother who died of cancer [WATCH]

“I lost my father over a year ago to cancer, so I felt like that song was just meant for me and my dad was singing that to me,” said “America’s Got Talent” judge Mel B after sibling band We Three sang a tribute song to their mother, who also died of cancer. “I just felt it. I’m shaking. It was really, really good, thank you,” continued a tearful Mel B in the Season 13 premiere. Watch the “Americas Got Talent” performance video above.

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The other “AGT” judges — Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel — were so impressed with the family band that they sent Joshua (27 years old), Bethany (24) and Manny (21) through to the next round. If We Three ends up winning Season 13, they’ll be the first singing group to win “America’s Got Talent” in the history of the reality TV show.

“Wow,” declared a gobsmacked Heidi. “I love your voices, I love how you harmonize together. You had me from the very first second. I love the song, beautiful song.”

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“We all have parents and we are parents, some of us,” Howie remarked. “This was so strong. The best thing I can say is … I felt it.”

“Okay, guys,” finished Simon. “I’m always struggling with live bands on shows like this. But somehow the whole thing worked. It felt like a record. Both of your voices were so on point. There’s something really special about you guys. I mean, it was like real. I honestly think it’s the start of something big here.”

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In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper John Benutty summarized, “They come from a large supportive family with a long history of musical talent and are inspired by their mother who passed suddenly from unexpected tumors. Their song about their mother, performed with guitars, a keyboard and drums, is incredibly moving and brings tears to the entire room before earning a standing ovation from the panel and the crowd.”

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