‘America’s Got Talent’ airs rerun of Season 13 premiere on Tuesday, July 3 with Zurcaroh, Savitsky Cats, Human Fountains

Looking for an all-new episode of “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday, July 3? Well, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Because of the 4th of July holiday, NBC has decided to air a rerun of the “AGT” Season 13 premiere from 8-10 p.m. Have no fear: the popular reality TV show will return next Tuesday, July 10 with an all-new episode in which we’ll finally find out who superstar judge Heidi Klum chooses as her Golden Buzzer act.

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As you may recall, the “AGT” premiere that originally aired Tuesday, May 29 was chock-full of acts that went insanely viral. Here are just a handful of the talented performers you’ll see during this rerun on July 3 (click each link to be taken to the video):

Zurcaroh (aerial dance group) — “We are Zurcaroh. We do acrobatics and gymnastics,” the leader of the dance group told Simon Cowell before their thrilling — and frightening — performance. “We are not professionals. We take people whether they have skills or not, they are able to join us.” When Cowell asked why the group decided to audition for “AGT,” the leader replied, “This is the biggest stage in the world where we can show our skills and our talent, that’s the reason.” Host Tyra Banks loved Zurcaroh so much that she pushed her Golden Buzzer for them.

Savitsky Cats (pet act) — If you ever find yourself endlessly searching the internet for cat videos, you’ve come to the right place. The Season 13 premiere of “America’s Got Talent” gave us the cat video to end all cat videos, as Svetlana and Marina along with their Savitsky Cats entertained a live audience with death-defying tricks. “You know why that was so impressive?” asked Cowell after the cats finished their hairball-raising performance. “Because dogs want to please. Cats are like, ‘Make me.’ They had sort of like ‘cattitude.’”

Shin Lim (close-up magician) — “By leaps and bounds [that] is the best sleight of hand close-up magic I have ever seen,” declared “AGT” judge Howie Mandel after being wowed by card trick magician Shin Lim. The young magician’s assistant, Banks, picked a random card from the deck (the queen of spades) and then Lim did impossible things with that card, like imprinting it on his chest, encasing it in glass and making it appear inside of a sealed envelope.

La Fontane Umane (comedy act) — “Americas Got Talent” judges Mel B, Heidi and Howie were spitting with laughter after watching La Fontane Umane, aka the Human Fountains, perform on the Season 13 premiere. But grumpy Simon was having none of it. “Can I be honest with you guys? I don’t know what you lot have been drinking but I just saw four guys spitting on each other and you got a standing ovation. It wasn’t amazing, it was just stupid,” Simon scowled.

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