Naughty comedian Andy Huggins confuses ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Mel B with jokes about his sex life [WATCH]

Naughty comedian Andy Huggins had the “America’s Got Talent” audience rolling in the aisles during the Tuesday, June 26 episode, but judge Mel B was confused. “What does that mean?” she repeatedly asked fellow “AGT” judge Howie Mandel about Andy’s jokes involving his sex life. It turns out that Howie and Andy used to perform comedy together 40 years ago, but that he never pursued his talent because he had a bad habit of putting off his life plans. While Mel B voted “no,” Howie, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum all voted “yes,” sending Andy through to the next round. Watch the “Americas Got Talent” audition above and read the judges’ comments below.

Heidi: “I think you’re funny. I think you are adorable. I love that you’re coming here and that you’re doing this right now. I love that about you.”

Simon: “You’re very naughty, aren’t you? I think you’re very funny. I think you’re someone we’re gonna remember. I’m just curious why you haven’t had that break before.”

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Mel B: “I was confused on some of the jokes. I didn’t understand some of the jokes. Sorry, my vote says ‘no.'”

Howie: “Andy, when I walked by you backstage I did not recognize you. But then I remembered that 40 years ago, I remember Andy Huggins as a 28-year-old kid like me on the stage. We were both starting out together. Andy, you know what? You’re funny. You’re memorable. Welcome to show business!”

In his “AGT” recap, our live-blogger John Benutty declared, “Andy Huggins took a break from his busy napping schedule to treat ‘AGT’ audiences with his comedy bit. His jokes focused on his advanced age and how it relates to his sex life, catching the audience off guard and ultimately exceeding their expectations. Simon says that Andy is a memorable act, but Mel said she didn’t understand all of the jokes. Mel’s gut said NO, but it didn’t matter because Howie, Simon and Heidi all said YES to seeing him again in the next round.”

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