Angela rips apart Bayleigh in epic ‘Big Brother’ tongue-lashing: ‘Your power trip is over, honey!’ [POLL]

“Your power trip is over, honey!” Angela Rummans hissed to Bayleigh Dayton in one of the most epic “Big Brother” speeches of all time. As this week’s Head of Household, Angela was convinced that Bayleigh was the hacker who was trying to take over her reign, when in reality it was Haleigh Broucher. Thus, after Angela won the Power of Veto in Wednesday’s episode, she removed ally Tyler Crispen from the chopping block and then ripped Bayleigh apart in front of the whole house before nominating her for eviction alongside Rockstar Lantry.

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Was Angela’s speech to Bayleigh over the line? Let us know what YOU think by voting in our poll below. Here’s a transcript of Angela’s tongue-lashing in its entirety:

“Since I have just vetoed the hacker’s nomination for eviction, I have to name a new houseguest as a replacement nominee. Well, this has been a very frustrating week for me having my HOH hacked, but I have known who the hacker was since day one. Every conversation that I had with the hacker was a stream of fabricated lies in order to gather information to plant little seeds throughout our conversations. Now I have made a promise with this individual, but a promise means nothing when it’s followed by constant lies. With that said, I would love to reveal the identity of the hacker. Bayleigh, would you like to have a seat next to Rockstar? Bayleigh, you had your week last week. There was no need for you to try and take control over my HOH. Your power trip is over, honey! This Veto meeting is adjourned.”

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Bayleigh denied she was the hacker as she sat next to Rockstar on the block, but it was too little too late. In the diary room, she declared through tears, “I never expected to hear my name come out of Angela’s mouth. I know that I’m not the hacker, but everyone in this house doesn’t know that. I will never let anything anybody who is low down and dirty say or do destroy me. Once a queen, always a queen and I’m gonna wear my hat high, period.”

Angela was proud of her speech and her game move of back-dooring Bayleigh, noting, “I just made a huge move. This was a complete and total blindside and Bayleigh had no idea it was coming. It went down flawlessly. Now all I have to do is make sure that she goes home this week.” Will Angela get her way and send Bayleigh out the door, or will Rockstar be evicted instead? Find out Thursday, August 9 on CBS.

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