BDash and Konkrete’s ‘It’-inspired ‘World of Dance’ routine scared the bejesus out of Derek Hough during the Duels [WATCH]

BDash and Konkrete made it out of the “World of DanceQualifiers with a huge score, averaging 94.3 from the judges. So what did they have up their sleeves next during the Duels when going head-to-head against the ballroom duo of Pasha and Daniella? Well, they decided to bring some uncharacteristic storytelling flair to their hip-hop style, channeling “It” for a creepy routine that knocked their rivals out of the competition and even scared judge Derek Hough. Watch their routine above, and read the judges’ comments below.

Derek Hough: “First of all, I hate clowns. I’m going to have nightmares tonight. And you stayed in it. I feel like with that style of dance there’s not usually a narrative to it. There was a risk with that, but man did it pay off. That was so crystal-clear. Great job, guys.”

Jennifer Lopez: “I’ve got to tell you, I was really nervous for you guys when you picked [Pasha and Daniella]. I tell everybody, storytelling is the most important thing when you’re performing. From beginning to end you never broke character, and it was so effective.”

Ne-Yo: “So creative. [Derek’s] absolutely right. With krumping there is no narrative, it’s just raw emotion and power, so to take that route was an extreme risk. It could have gone way wrong, but it did not. You all absolutely came out here and elevated the style once again.”

The krumpers ended up with an average score of 94.3, the same exact average as their first-round performance. Alas, Pasha and Daniella couldn’t keep up with that, falling short with a still-impressive 88.3. Did you agree with the judges scores? Will you have nightmares of a dancing Pennywise just like Derek Hough?

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