BDash and Konkrete were ‘nasty’ but ‘so damn smooth’ during the ‘World of Dance’ qualifiers [WATCH]

The hip-hop dance duo of BDash and Konkrete performed on “World of Dance” during “The Qualifiers 2.” All they needed to advance to the next round was an average of 80 points from judges Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough. They crossed that threshold with ease thanks to their innovative performance. Watch it above.

What was so impressive about BDash and Konkrete was their ability to blend krumping, a largely improvisational style of dance, with complex and synchronized choreography. Ne-Yo was astonished by their “clean” routine, asking the dancers in disbelief, “How the hell do you choreograph krump?” Lopez admired the performance for its “nasty krump quality” while also being “so damn smooth.” And Hough said, “I’ll remember this routine for sure.”

Lopez gave them a score of 93, Hough gave them 94, and Ne-Yo was the most generous with his score of 96, giving them an average of 94.3. That was a lot more than they needed to move on to the next stage of the competition, though it wasn’t quite the highest score of the night. They fell just short of the Junior Division team of Charity and Andres, who averaged 95.3, and the Junior Team Division group Fabulous Sisters, who finished with 94.7.

Luckily for BDash and Konkrete, they won’t have to face off against those youngsters unless they all advance to the million-dollar world final at the end of the season. Next up for the qualifying teams will be “The Duels,” in which the performers don’t just have to score 80 or more. They have to score higher than their competitors in a head-to-head single-elimination round.

Do you think the krumpers have what it takes to go all the way? Comment below, and vote in our poll to let us know if you think they had the best performance of the night.

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