Bi Nguyen (‘Survivor’ 37) exit interview: ‘Looking back, I don’t regret’ quitting over my sprained MCL [PODCAST]

After spraining her MCL during “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” Bi Nguyen had a big decision to make. Should she continue on with the show and potentially ruin her MMA fighting career, or should she call it quits? In the end, Bi made the tough choice to leave the game and announced her decision in front of both tribes during Season 37, Episode 4. “Looking back, I don’t regret it because it would have been a bigger regret to tear it and not be able to fight anymore,” Bi tells us the morning after her ouster was shown on TV. Listen to our “Survivor” exit interview above.

As Bi explains, “After the challenge the doctor looked at it and said it was sprained, but it was not a tear. So we wrapped it up and I went back to camp and for the rest of the day I just was crying and trying to figure out ways of how I could stay. As I’m figuring this out, mind you, I’m around camp and as I’m even walking on the sand, up the hill, down the hill, it feels like it’s on the verge of tearing. But I still decided to wait overnight.”

“I woke up with a swollen knee and pain, double what I felt the day before,” Bi continues on.” So I made the decision that this could be a career-ending tear for me. I was no longer a good use to anyone on the show, so I left. It’s so sad because my knee did get better.” Bi made the decision at the beginning of the episode, just prior to host Jeff Probst instructing the remaining players to “drop their buffs” and switch tribes.

Bi has nothing but love for her former David tribe mates. She explains, “That morning when they found out, they were crying and embracing me and being so supportive. I mean, it’s the Davids. I couldn’t have asked for a better tribe and especially better people in that situation. It’s the Davids! They’re so sweet and cute and supportive.”

Also in our “Survivor” podcast, Bi tell us about the tribal council where she voted for Lyrsa Torres instead of Jessica Peet, what she thought of the whole “David vs. Goliath” twist this season, and whether she’d ever want to go through this experience again. Listen to our prior exit interviews with Pat Cusack, Jessica Peet and Jeremy Crawford.

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