‘Big Brother 20’: What the hell are Angela and Brett thinking with those savage goodbye messages?

One of the components to winning “Big Brother” is jury management. You can’t win without jury votes and you can’t get jury votes if you piss off the jurors. Paul can tell you all about that. (Too soon? Nah, it’s never too soon.) You can piss off jurors inside the house, of course, but the more fatal move is pissing them off in goodbye messages, which Angela and Brett have probably done in theirs for Bayleigh and Rockstar. Look, it’s hilarious for us to watch, but is it good for their games?

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The obvious answer is no. Goodbye messages for jurors, especially ones not in your alliance, are an opportunity for you to explain yourself and your game, try to build a bridge and win over their vote should you go to the final. Jurors don’t have the full story of what’s going on inside the house, only the comp and eviction snippets the show gives them to watch and what they can discuss with fellow jurors. To put it succinctly: goodbye messages are a way for you to do some major ass-kissing.

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Angela and Brett, however, have refused, which is actually kind of refreshing. Angela’s most brutal one yet was for Rachel, a non-juror, while her Bayleigh one was benign. But after learning that Rockstar thinks she’s an “entitled little bitch who always gets her way,” she leaned into that and mocked Rockstar, since, you know, she did get her way with Rockstar’s eviction. Brett taunted Bayleigh, but he was particularly ruthless cackling at Rockstar for falling for their fake alliance and calling her an idiot.

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“Does he realize you’re a juror?” Julie Chen rhetorically asked Rockstar.

The thing is, he does and so does Angela, but they don’t care. Their attitude seems to be, if they make to the end and win, great, but if they are totally cool if they don’t either. They know these messages won’t help them win the game and probably think it’s not worth it to be all sycophantic to someone who likely won’t vote for them to win anyway.

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After Angela recorded her Rockstar one on Wednesday, she told Kaycee that producers asked her if she wanted to redo it because it was kinda mean, and she said no. She’s totally fine playing the unapologetic bitch card when she wants to or to hit back at someone. Would she have done a ruthless message for Rockstar had Rockstar not called her an entitled little bitch? Maybe, maybe not. Brett, meanwhile, is just living his best life. He’s having fun, he had these people snowed, and he wants to gloat about it. They tried multiple times to get him out and he got both of them out first.

If Bayleigh and Rockstar don’t get hung up on the messages and become bitter jurors, they could respect their directness and appreciate that, man, they got ’em good. But since The Hive gets hung up on everything and they’re both super emotional and, frankly, delusional players, that’s probably unlikely.

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