‘Big Brother 20’: Will Brett be a bitter juror after getting blindsided?

Level 6 pulled off yet another blindside during Thursday’s double eviction on “Big Brother 20.” Unfortunately for Brett, it was on him. Despite being burned by his own alliance, the cyber-security engineer kept it classy in his exit interview with Julie Chen and joked that while he’s not bitter now, there’s “plenty of time” to become a bitter juror before the finale. But will he be one?

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The simplest answer is yes. As Chen put it, “You got played, son.” He was definitely not expecting Level 6 to turn on him at all, and he even said he felt most betrayed by Tyler, his final two person. He had floated the idea of splitting up Angela and Kaycee, which is really JC‘s goal, to Tyler, so he knows Tyler was the one who flipped the tables back on him. He unknowingly played into Tyler’s hands and got screwed.

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Later on Thursday night, Angela and Kaycee gloated about their smug goodbye messages they had just record for Brett. Those on top of Angela and Tyler’s one-two punch of of being “one step ahead” and “two steps ahead” could turn off Brett even more when he sees them.

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But Brett said something more telling in his interview: “I’m upset, but I do respect the game.” He could’ve been way more angry and raging than he was about getting blindsided — and he was visibly stunned and devastated — but he understood that this was a game move and nothing more. That has long been one of Level 6’s strengths: separating the game from the personal. Compare Brett’s interview with that of Scottie, who couldn’t articulate much beyond calling Tyler a “coward.”

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You also got the sense that Brett knew getting blindsided was a possibility. “I knew when I made that final two I either solidified my bond with Tyler or shot myself in the foot,” he told Chen. His deal with Tyler was a Hail Mary when he realized he had no path to the end and was the low man on the Level 6 totem pole. But he picked the wrong Level 6 person to pair up with since he had no idea Tyler had multiple final two deals or that Tyler considers him his biggest threat.

Brett also took the high road by not exposing Level 6 to JC and Sam before he left, which he acknowledged was a ploy to try to deter Level 6 from evicting him. But if he had the clarity and foresight to remain loyal when he had absolutely no reason to be anymore, he probably won’t vote with his emotions when it comes down to it.

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