‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Brett’s impressive turnaround has made him a dark horse

Remember when everyone not in Level 6 wanted to get Brett out on “Big Brother 20”? What a difference a few weeks make. Brett has gone from target No. 1 to no one’s target, a 180 that is as surprising as it is commendable for how he pulled it off.

Losing his bro Winston was the best thing to happen to Brett. The two of them were seen as a threat by the other side, and Scottie successfully split them up, even though FOUTTE/The Hive was blindsided by the flip to evict Winston. Because The Hive is utterly clueless about Level 6 and because of his lack of comp wins, Brett has been able to cultivate a “free agent” image of someone looking for a group — or any ally — and is doing whatever he can to survive and advance without his BROTP.

Brett made a huge gamble in his first eviction speech by throwing Rockstar under the bus, but it worked as a cover for the flip, and he kept up with the charade and didn’t let her pots-and-pans antics affect him. When Bayleigh put him and Rachel on the block two weeks later, Brett remained as cool as a cucumber while Rachel let her paranoia take over and signed her own eviction notice. He also gave another scorcher of an eviction speech and outed Bayleigh’s Power App to the whole house. These could’ve gone awry, but his fearlessness also reinforced the notion that he is flying solo without Winston.

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Thanks to Angela‘s subsequent HOH win, Brett didn’t have to worry about getting nominated for a third time last week, so that’s when he really shifted into first gear with his social game. Brett started hanging out with The Hive, ostensibly to comfort Bayleigh and even Rockstar when they were nominated, but really it was to gather intel for Level 6 and for his personal game. He even started cooking almost every night!

With The Hive in power this week, Brett turned up the charm even more, flirting with Haleigh, hanging out with Faysal and Scottie, and even helping Rockstar with her eviction speech! She asked him for help. That’s how great his gameplay has been. His mortal enemy in the house is coming to him for advice! They’ve even joked about a secret Brockstar final two alliance! His dorky, carefree attitude and willingness to play along with his Granny punishment also go a long way in making The Hive think, “Hey, this is a fun guy who I might actually want to stick around and work with.” Brett has The Hive completely snowed, and they think they’ve pulled him (and JC) in with them as another number.

This is what Faysal said to Haleigh Wednesday afternoon: “I think Brett feels comfortable enough in this loop. … To where he feels like he is not the outsider. If he sticks with Kaycee, Angela and Tyler, he is the outsider there.”

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Can’t even script this.

Brett has told The Hive he’s voting out Kaycee this week even though we all know he’s evicting Rockstar, but he’s already started laying the groundwork to cover his tracks when the blindside happens. Early Wednesday morning, he floated the idea to Scottie of JC and Sam possibly flipping to evict Rockstar, and how if Kaycee were evicted, he and Scottie might be targeted by Haleigh’s side after she goes after Angela and Tyler because Rockstar and Sam have gotten closer. By the end of the convo, Scottie said he was 75 percent for evicting Kaycee. It was a great, subtle seed-planting without implicating himself or Level 6.

Brett’s game hasn’t been flawless these last two weeks though. His goodbye message to Bayleigh did not do him any favors to secure her jury vote (and you know Bayleigh being Bayleigh, she’ll hold grudges), so he needs to be more mindful of jury management. Because right now he’s sitting pretty inside the house and is a dark horse for the win.

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