‘Big Brother’ 20 episode 11 recap: Did Sam use her Bonus Life to save Winston or Brett on July 19? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

Heading into Thursday’s live episode of “Big Brother,” Sam Bledsoe had a big decision to make. Would she use her Bonus Life to potentially save either Winston Hines or Brett Robinson after the live eviction? Or would she hold the power for next week when it’d automatically be given to the fourth person voted out? Gold Derby’s exclusive odds predicted that Winston would be eliminated this week, so it’s time to find out whether we were correct.

Below, check out our minute-by-minute “Big Brother” recap of Season 20, Episode 11 to find out what happened Thursday, July 19 at 9/8c. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite houseguests, who annoys you the most, and who you think will ultimately join the “Big Brother” winners list. Keep refreshing/reloading this live blog for the most recent updates.

9:00 p.m. – “Previously, on ‘Big Brother’!” On Wednesday’s 10th episode, Head of Household Scottie Salton won the Veto competition that required players to spin around in circles and then stack champagne glasses. Winston and Brett tried to convince Scottie to use the Veto on one of them and put Kaitlyn Herman up as a replacement nominee, and when Kaitlyn had a vision of that happening she blew up their game. Scottie chose not to use the Veto, which means one of the bros will be evicted tonight … unless Sam’s Bonus Life saves one of them. Exciting stuff!

9:08 p.m. – With a house divided, one vote could be the difference between which bro will stay and which bro will go. The only thing that could screw it all up is a power app. Winston is still fuming and wants to stay and send Scottie home. Brett said Scottie is spineless. Why? Because he put up the two strongest men in the house? Gimme a break. Kaitlyn loves watching Brett bury himself and is offended for every clairvoyant in the world. Winston is happy Brett pissed her off because it’s just another vote for Winston to stay.

9:12 p.m. – Rachel Swindler, Kaycee Clark and Tyler are having a private conversation. Rachel wants to keep Brett because he is the more fierce competitor and Rachel is feeling targeted. Tyler agrees that Winston is a poor competitor. Meanwhile, in a different room Bayleigh Dayton, Haleigh Broucher and Rockstar Lantry have a different plan. They know Brett is the more charismatic and dangerous player. The want Winston to stay. Rachel tells Sam to vote Winston out and asks her not to tell anyone.

9:13 p.m. – Rockstar decided to try out the climbing wall and is frozen in fear. The woman is attached to wires and is about 15 feet in the air. Get a grip girl! Kaitlyn tries to sooth Rockstar off the wall with her mysterious powers, but eventually Rockstar just falls off.

9:15 p.m. – Later, in the backyard, Kaitlyn grooms Tyler and admits to being obsessed with him. Scary! Tyler told Kaitlyn he will do whatever she tells him to do. No man has ever said that to her. Not even her boyfriend. What? Boyfriend? I’m guessing that’s over. Meanwhile, in the Diary Room, Tyler admits he’s been leading too many people on, including Kaitlyn, and it’s going to catch up with him. If too many people start talking his game will come crashing down.

9:20 p.m. – It looks like the house is divided on who to evict. Tyler is the swing vote and he may have to show his cards. I’m guessing he will stick with Level 6 and vote out Winston. But not so fast! Winston is working hard to convince Sam to keep him. She’s not an actual Level 6 alliance member and isn’t sure what to do. She also has the option of giving either one of them a chance to return to the game. If she gives her power to one of the bros, she will gain a powerful ally.

9:25 p.m. – Up next we get to see “Big Brother” production interview some of Sam’s friends and family members at home. I’m excited about this because Sam is a total mystery to me. She seems sweet, but also a bit sad. I feel like we don’t know the real her. Sam lives in a trailer right across from her mother’s house. Her mom describes her as a sunny personality who always makes the best of things. Her dad says she’s a chameleon who can adapt to anything. She’s been a waitress, a hairstylist, a bartender and a welder! She’s also an incredible artist. She’s a unicorn! Sam’s brother believes Tyler is loyal to her, but doesn’t think she realizes it. I think this entire segment just made me believe Sam can actually win this show!

9:30 p.m. – It’s time for the live vote and eviction! In his final statement, Brett puts on some sort of act that makes the houseguests laugh. He then apologizes to Kaitlyn and tells her Rockstar came to him earlier and said she would flip the vote in his favor and blame Kaitlyn. Rockstar rolls her eyes. I am not sure if it’s true or false. I’m guessing it’s a lie. Then Winston said something boring. Let’s get to voting! Voting to evict Brett: Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Faysal Shafaat and Bayleigh. Voting to evict Winston: Rachel and Kaycee. The rest of the votes are up next!

9:40 p.m. – Voting to evict Brett: Haleigh. Voting to evict Winston: Angela RummansJC Mounduix, Tyler and Sam. All of the votes are in! By a vote of 6-5, Winston has been evicted from the “Big Brother” house. The houseguests are shocked and wondering who flipped. Rockstar is defending herself and screaming at Brett, calling him disgusting. He is sticking to his guns and calling her a liar. She said “it’s fine, the public saw who I voted out and we’ll get you out again.” As she walked away Brett says, “she can’t even own it.” Wow! The drama. LOL, I love it. Tyler may be able to get away with this and blame Rockstar for his swing vote.

9:55 p.m. – It’s time for the live HOH competition! As the outgoing HOH, Scottie is not allowed to compete. This competition is called “Out on a Limb.” It’s an endurance competition so we will not find out who the winner is during this broadcast. The last person remaining on their tree will be crowned the new HOH.

9:59 p.m. – Tune in Sunday to see who becomes the new HOH and who he or she will be nominated for eviction. The episode will also feature a tense conversation about cultural sensitivity after comments made by Bayleigh and JC sparked controversy. After five minutes, all of the houseguests have remained on their trees. That’s a wrap for tonight!

Here are the answers to Gold Derby’s contest questions for “Big Brother” 20 Live Episode 3:

Who will be evicted live on air? Winston Hines

Will the live vote be unanimous? No

Who will win HOH live on air? No One

How many times will Julie say ‘But first’? One

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