‘Big Brother’ 20 episode 38 recap: Which member of Level 6 was evicted during JC’s reign? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

Shortly after Sam Bledsoe was evicted during Wednesday’s episode of “Big Brother” 20, the remaining houseguests battled in the most important Head of Household competition to date. Against all odds JC Mounduix won his first challenge in the #BB20 house, thus making it to the Final 4. The other three — Tyler CrispenAngela Rummans and Kaycee Clark — are all members of the powerful Level 6 alliance, which means JC is about to spit them up. So who did JC nominate for eviction, how did the Veto play out, and who was sent to the jury house in fourth place?

Below, check out our minute-by-minute “Big Brother” recap of Season 20, Episode 38 to find out what happened Thursday, September 20 at 9/8c. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite houseguests on CBS’s reality TV show, who annoys you the most, and who you think will ultimately join the “Big Brother” winners list. Keep refreshing/reloading this live blog for the most recent updates.

9:00 p.m. – “Previously on ‘Big Brother’!” In Wednesday’s episode the houseguests battled in a difficult maze competition to determine who’d win the Power of Veto. For the fourth week in a row, Kaycee claimed victory. She chose not to use the Veto, meaning either Sam or JC would be evicted. After the houseguests voted to send Sam to the jury house (in her sweatpants!), she told host Julie Chen that the experience “has been life changing.” Who will follow Sam out the door? Let’s go!

9:10 p.m. – JC is ecstatic to win and is focused on getting Angela out of the house. Tyler is just hoping JC isn’t too pissed at him and still wants to stick with their final two deal. We get right into the nomination ceremony and JC has chosen to nominate Angela and Tyler! He tells Angela he has always had her back and she went ahead and put him on the block anyways. Then he says Tyler has been a bitch to him, haha. Wow! It doesn’t really matter though because it’s all about who wins the Veto this week.

9:15 p.m. – It’s finally time to see what’s going on in the jury house! We kick things off with Scottie Salton returning for the second time, joining Bayleigh Dayton, Rockstar Lantry and Faysal Shafaat. Fessy is upset how they all got bulldozed and Bayleigh reminds him not everyone was as stupid as him. Next Haleigh Braucher surprises the jury house. While watching Haleigh’s recap video, the jury members begin to respect Kaycee’s game. She hasn’t pissed anyone off and she has become a competition beast late in the season.

9:25 p.m. – After Brett Robinson‘s allies turned on him, he was the next to enter the jury house. Brett regrets telling Tyler his plan to go after the girls. He explains to the jury how Tyler lied to him and that his eyes always get wide when he lies. Haleigh respects Tyler’s game now and credits him for orchestrating more than she gave him credit for. Bayleigh thinks Kaycee is playing the best game so far. Next, Sam Bledsoe popped in and surprised everyone. After watching how Sam was evicted, she told the jury Tyler promised her a final two deal on day three. Then Brett confesses he had a final two deal as well, which impressed Scottie. But Sam will never fully trust Tyler again. Right now the jury seems split between Tyler and Kaycee for the win.

9:40 p.m. – It’s time for the Power of Veto competition! In this game, players are given clues about previous competitions. They have to then guide a ball into a correct “thumbs up” hole. After each round, the last player to correctly place their ball will get a strike. After two strikes, the player will be eliminated. JC is the first to get knocked out, followed by Tyler and Angela. Kaycee has won her fifth Veto and the most important one of the season. Wow! She will now be forced to evict one of her best friends. Does she know that evicting Tyler is best for her game? We’re about to find out!

9:50 p.m. – It’s time for the live eviction! Angela and Tyler each have one final chance to address Kaycee before she casts the sole vote. Angela refuses to campaign against Tyler and respects Kaycee’s decision. She will love her to death regardless. Tyler takes time to praise Kaycee and JC before admitting to everyone he’s in love with Angela. Finally, Kaycee walks to the front of the room and evicts…Angela. Wow! Huge mistake. Tyler has these players whipped! Good for him. But that could be a $500,000 mistake.

9:59 p.m. – Angela has no bitter feelings towards Kaycee or Tyler and respects that they had a final two deal. She will love them until the day she dies. No bitter jury member here! At this point, Tyler is a total lock since either Kaycee or JC are sure to take him to the end if he doesn’t win the final HOH. But how will the jury vote? I think it will be a tight vote between Kaycee and Tyler. But we’ve seen crazy things happen before, so don’t count JC out just yet! That’s a wrap for tonight!

Here are the answers to Gold Derby’s contest questions for “Big Brother” 20: Live Episode 12:

Who will be evicted live on air? Angela Rummans

Will the live vote be unanimous? Yes

Who will win HOH live on air? No One

How many times will Julie say ‘But first’? Two

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