‘Big Brother’ 20 episode 7 recap: Did Winston Hines or Scottie Salton win the Veto on July 11? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

After a key conversation with outgoing Head of Household Tyler Crispen, “Big Brother’s” current HOH Kaitlyn Herman wasted no time this week in putting together their plan of backdooring Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. Step one? Tell Winston Hines and Scottie Salton that they’re going up as pawns. Step two? Convince Swaggy, Faysal Shafaat and the others that Winston is the real target. Both of those steps went off more or less without a hitch, but with a Veto competition on the line, Kaitlyn’s plan of backdooring Swaggy could still be thwarted. How did the Veto drama play out on Wednesday night?

Below, check out our minute-by-minute “Big Brother” recap of Season 20, Episode 7 to find out what happened Wednesday, July 11. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite houseguests, who annoys you the most, and who you think will ultimately join the “Big Brother” winners list. Keep refreshing/reloading this live blog for the most recent updates.

8:00 p.m. – “Previously, on ‘Big Brother’!” On Sunday’s nomination episode Kaitlyn and Tyler set their plan of backdooring Swaggy into motion, with the only potential obstacle being the threat of the upcoming Veto. America voted to punish Rachel Swindler with the “Crap App,” meaning for the next 24 hours a “Yell” reviewer will be unleashed into the house to loudly critique her and her game. And the winner of the “Power App” was Tyler, who chose “The Cloud,” an app that will keep himself from going on the block at any one nomination ceremony or Veto meeting for the next two months.

8:07 p.m. – Kaitlyn admits that even though she nominated Winston and Scottie, her target is still Swaggy. She’s over the attitude and over the ego. Now Kaitlyn and the Level 6 alliance need to make sure the other side of the house doesn’t get word of their plan. Winston confesses to his “bruh” Brett Robinson he’s worried he could still end up going home. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room the FOUTTE alliance is gloating and laughing about their delusion that Winston will be sent packing.

8:10 p.m. – It’s time to pick players for the Veto competition! Kaitlyn drew “Houseguest’s Choice” and picked Faysal to play. Scottie drew Rachel’s name and Winston drew Tyler. Swaggy doesn’t have a chance to play and he has no idea his game is on the line.

8:11 p.m. – Kaitlyn chose Faysal to keep up appearances with her FOUTTE alliance but is concerned he will actually win. She tells Faysal it would be bad for his game if he wins this week. She tells him winning two Veto competitions in a row will put a huge target on his back, but Faysal is a competitor and has no plans on throwing the competition.

8:17 p.m. – The houseguests are scattered throughout the house when the doorbell rings. In walks “Big Brother” royalty and “Amazing Race” champs Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. The newly engaged couple quickly greeted the houseguests before introducing tonight’s Veto competition. In “Houseguestsonly.com” the players will slide through seven dating profiles and correctly match them to the “perfect date location” in the backyard. The player to correctly match each dating profile to their location in the shortest amount of time will win the Power of Veto.

8:23 p.m. – Rachel doesn’t want the responsibility of holding the Power of Veto, but after being deemed the “least trending houseguest,” she is determined to prove herself and decides to go for it. Kaitlyn has some difficulty figuring out the clues and needs to backtrack quite a bit. I’m getting the impression she won’t win. Scottie is scared to death about being a pawn this week and is definitely gunning for a win. It doesn’t take him long to figure out, however, that he doesn’t have the ability to run and think at the same time. Things aren’t looking good for this self-described super-nerd!

8:25 p.m. – Winston is determined to pull himself off the block and is moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, he is absolutely awful at this game! He never did solve the clues and is the first houseguest to run out of time. Tyler is hoping to win the Veto to ensure Swaggy goes home. He moves swiftly and seemed to do a solid job. Faysal says he’s had a lot of experience with dating apps and thinks he can rock this competition. Kaitlyn wants him to throw this Veto, but he has no plan to do so. He finishes in a decent time. I’m guessing this competition will come down to Faysal, Rachel and Tyler.

8:30 p.m. – Rachel finished in 5:49. Scottie’s time was 18:20. Winston maxed out at 20:00. Tyler scorched through at 5:29. Faysal finished in 6:29 and Kaitlyn jogged through in 13:12. Tyler has won the golden Power of Veto! He’s stoked, but a little nervous that he is clearly running this house.

8:36 p.m. – Following the Veto competition, Tyler has a huge decision to make. He needs to make sure the right person comes off the block and the right replacement nominee is put up. Swaggy is thrilled that Winston didn’t win and is still convinced the medical sales rep is going home. Up in the HOH room, Tyler ensures he and Kaitlyn are on the same page. He plans to use the Veto on Scottie. But just as everything seems to be going to plan, Kaitlyn begins getting nervous. She doesn’t want all her friends to come after her after she backdoors Swaggy.

8:38 p.m. – Kaitlyn tells Faysal she wants Tyler to use the Veto on Scottie. He respects that decision. Then, Kaitlyn tells a bold-faced lie and tells him that Angela Rummans will be the replacement nominee. She immediately regrets her decision to lie to Faysal and breaks down in the Diary Room. Is this decision going to ruin her relationship with one of her best friends in the house?

8:45 p.m. – Ding dong! It’s time for Rachel to get reamed out by a very large man screaming at her. As the result of her “Crap App” the man tells her that her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and her game gets zero stars! At one point he even wakes her up in the middle of the night and then barges in on her Diary Room session. It is a pretty funny punishment and Rachel has a good sense of humor about it.

8:50 p.m. – Kaitlyn decides she wants to tell Haleigh Broucher about her decision to backdoor Swaggy. She doesn’t want to blindside her entire alliance and is hoping Haleigh will help soften the blow for her. Haleigh is immediately sickened to learn Swaggy could be going home but puts on a brave face and doesn’t reveal that to Kaitlyn. She does tell Kaitlyn that she believes the Kaitlyn/Tyler relationship seems stronger than the Kaitlyn/Haleigh friendship right now. Kaitlyn has no idea which side of the house she wants to play for! This might be good game play right now, but eventually nobody will trust her on either side.

8:55 p.m. – Haleigh goes into the pantry and tells Rockstar Lantry about Kaitlyn’s plan to backdoor Swaggy. Rockstar is blown away. They’re convinced Tyler is behind this move and they need to start making different moves in this game. Rockstar is talking to Faysal in the bedroom now. Faysal tells her that Kaitlyn is going to put Angela on the block and Rockstar is doing everything in her power to hold her tongue. She feels bad that Faysal doesn’t know the plan, but doesn’t want to be the one to spill the beans. Then, out in the backyard, Kaitlyn pulls Faysal aside and tells him she hopes they can stay friends after what she’s about to do. She apologizes profusely to Faysal and then asks for a hug, which he rejects. Ouch! There goes that alliance! Kaitlyn is playing too hard too early! FOUTTE is going to be gunning for her.

8:59 p.m. – It’s time for the Veto meeting! As expected, Tyler uses the Veto to save Scottie. Then Kaitlyn stands up and begins crying as she throws Swaggy up on the block. He looks completely shocked, which I have to admit is a glorious sight to behold. I’ve lost all respect for Kaitlyn though. Put up or shut up! If it hurts so much, don’t do it. Otherwise own your choices! Faysal is absolutely PISSED at her. Bayleigh Dayton is panicking. Swaggy is completely dumbfounded and plans to make everybody’s life a living hell. Why am I certain he will succeed at that? The sign of an immature, terrible player is one who throws in the towel and just makes the house unbearable. Oh wait a minute, Josh Martinez won Season 19 with that strategy. Thursday will be drama-filled! But that’s a wrap for tonight. Find out tomorrow whether Winston or Swaggy becomes the second evicted houseguest.

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