‘Big Brother’ 20 episode 8 recap: Did Swaggy C survive eviction night after making ‘everybody’s life a living hell’? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

“I’m gonna make everybody’s life a living hell,” declared Chris “Swaggy C” Williams after being backdoored on “Big Brother” by Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman. Needless to say, this 23-year-old day trader from Bridgeport, Connecticut was not happy that his former FOUTTE alliance member stabbed him in his “Swaggy C” T-shirt. He replaced Scottie Salton on the block after Tyler Crispen won the Veto competition, which meant Swaggy and Winston Hines were up for elimination heading into Thursday’s second live episode. Gold Derby’s racetrack odds overwhelmingly predicted that Swaggy would be sent packing, but were we correct?

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Below, check out our minute-by-minute “Big Brother” recap of Season 20, Episode 8 to find out what happened Thursday, July 12 at 9/8c. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite houseguests, who annoys you the most, and who you think will ultimately join the “Big Brother” winners list. Keep refreshing/reloading this live blog for the most recent updates.

9:00 p.m. – “Previously, on ‘Big Brother’!” On Wednesday’s Veto episode Tyler won the challenge that required him to match up former houseguests with their dream date locations. After Tyler saved Scottie, Kaitlyn broke down in tears as she announced that Swaggy was her replacement nominee. Later in the diary room Kaitlyn confessed that she was proud of herself for making such a big move. Meanwhile, Swaggy vowed to make life difficult for everyone in the house leading up to Thursday’s eviction night. Unless a miracle happens, Swaggy will be talking with Julie Chen in about 40 minutes, so let’s see how it all plays out.

9:03 p.m. – The fallout of Kaitlyn’s backdoor move against Swaggy is all over the place. Kaitlyn herself left the Veto ceremony in tears, simultaneously proud of herself for sticking up for herself and scared about having turned her back on the FOUTTE alliance she started the game with. The first member of that crumbling alliance to visit her was Bayleigh Dayton who knew that she had to kiss up to Kaitlyn despite being really upset at her. Bayleigh’s confusion is that Kaitlyn made a game move against Swaggy instead of just speaking to him if it was all because of personal things. This is a fair point, don’t you think? Did Kaitlyn actually just want to make a big move?

9:07 p.m. – The rest of the FOUTTE alliance immediately began counting votes. Angie “Rockstar” Lantry counts herself, Faysal Shafaat, Scottie, Haleigh Broucher and Bayleigh, but they need one more to force a tie and probably one more considering Kaitlyn wouldn’t break a tie in Swaggy’s favor considering he’s her target.

9:10 p.m. – As a pawn, Winston feels vulnerable still and is wary of a possible tie as well, including the chance that Kaitlyn could change her mind. Kaycee Clark does her best to assure him that the votes in his favor are solid. Meanwhile, close friends Fessy and Kaitlyn finally chat about the move, causing Kaitlyn to break down once again. Fessy tells her that he agrees with standing up for herself, but questions whether or not it was a good game move on her part and feels personally hurt because now his own game is damaged. Kaitlyn admits that she knew the risk she was taking in making the move, but felt that at the end of the day Fessy would respect it. I can’t really tell if he does respect it. He seems really frustrated and lost and that’s totally fair! She screwed him over!

9:13 p.m. – Later, Swaggy comes up to HOH to speak with Kaitlyn and clear the air about their “personal” issues. Surprisingly, he manages to keep his cool knowing that he has to not blow up in order to secure votes. Swaggy admits that he did say some stuff about her, but that he’s not the only one and that none of it was meant to hurt her. He also attempts to pull on her heartstrings by speaking to his feelings for Bayleigh and how if he leaves he’ll be robbed of the opportunity to spend more time with her. It seems like that strategy is working even a little bit on Kaitlyn, but Tyler, in the room with her, does his best to keep her head in the game and make her stick to the plan.

9:16 p.m. – The other moving part in this saga is that Sam Bledsoe has her power app that he could offer to Swaggy for a chance to get back in the game once he’s evicted. I’m not sure if Swaggy knows that he needs to play Sam in this way, but he manages to have a personal conversation with her about his past and it, too, pulls on Sam’s heartstrings and suddenly the whole house is seeing a side of him that they previously hadn’t. I mean, he is acting, but he thinks he’s acting for her vote. Could he actually be getting more than that? I highly doubt it, but it would be such a big move. Whew!

9:21 p.m. – It’s time for the vote! But first, they get to plea for the houseguests to keep them. Swaggy of course calls himself a superstar and takes a dig at Winston saying he hasn’t won competitions and can’t keep anyone safe like he can. He also tells them that unlike Winston, Swaggy is here to play and not just sit outside and tan. Well, that’s just tea, isn’t it?! Winston takes his own digs with sarcasm about not having his own t-shirt and then just kind of sits down. Am I allowed to call Winston a flop? Winston’s a flop! Send him home!

9:23 p.m. – One by one the houseguests enter the Diary Room to cast their live vote: Bayleigh votes to evict Winston, Brett Robinson votes to evict Swaggy, Kaycee votes to evict “not so” Swaggy, Tyler votes to evict Swaggy, making it 3-1 as we head to another commercial with the rest of the votes after the break.

9:27 p.m. – The rest of the votes: Rockstar votes to evict Winston, Haleigh votes to evict Winston, Fessy votes to evict Winston, Scottie votes to evict Swaggy, JC Mounduix votes to evict Swaggy, Angela Rummans votes to evict Swaggy, Rachel Swindler votes to evict Swaggy and Sam votes to evict Swaggy as well. That’s an 8-4 vote meaning Swaggy is evicted.

9:31 p.m. – On his way out, Swaggy gives hugs to the people he worked with inside the game, including a bump with Scottie who actually voted him out! Also, not a total shocker but Sam, having voted him out, did not use her power on him. That leaves just next week and the following week for her to choose whether or not she’ll use it on someone (or herself). If not next week, it will passively be used on whoever is evicted in two weeks.

9:37 p.m. – In his eviction interview, Swaggy speaks to Julie about the series of blindsides he experienced in such a short amount of time. He says you can’t trust anyone in the house and he thinks Haleigh is the one that didn’t vote for him tonight (it was Scottie), but Julie sets it straight! Swaggy was like “Oh I didn’t hug her.” LOL! Julie follows up by showing Swaggy one of his casting interviews where he says that he needs to play the middle in order to win and Swaggy reacts by saying “I didn’t take my own advice!” He is still salty about his showmance with Bayleigh because he thinks it screwed up his plans. Aww, it did. In their goodbye videos, Fessy vows to play to avenge him, Kaitlyn tries to tell him it was fate and Tyler says straight up that he was in an opposing alliance and that it was him that convinced Kaitlyn to get him out. Bayleigh has a tearful video for him saying that the game isn’t going to be the same without him and that the rest of the summer will be hard for her. He responds by saying that yes he loves her and that they said as much to each other last night!

9:48 p.m. – Time to crown the next HOH! For tonight’s live competition, Kailtyn is not eligible to compete as the others play “Product Launch.” They’re watching two short videos and will be asked a series of True or False questions about the videos. Answer any question incorrectly and they are eliminated. Last one standing becomes the next Head of Household. The videos are a spoof of Apple (called Pineapple here) announcing new products at a conference. In the first question, everyone answers False except Kaycee who is eliminated. In the second question, most answers are for True, but that’s wrong–Tyler, JC, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Winston, Brett and Angela are all out!

9:51 p.m. – In the third question, only Sam is out with her False answer. It’s down to Scottie, Rockstar, Rachel and Fessy as the second video plays. Rachel is the only Level 6 ally still in it (I’m rooting for Fessy!). In the fourth question, everyone answers False and gets it correct. In the fifth question, only Rockstar says False, but that’s wrong so she’s eliminated. Down to three for question six: only Fessy says True and that’s wrong so he’s out. We’re down to Rachel and Scottie!

9:54 p.m. – On the last question they both get it correct with False, meaning we reach a tiebreaker for a higher or lower question. Scottie seems completely lost by the question while Rachel is doing math on her fingers and board. Scottie answers 1199 and Rachel says 12,500. The correct answer is 475 seconds which means Scottie wins since they both went over and he’s closest! Wow. That’s a real shake up considering he voted his own friend out of the house earlier tonight just to save face with the opposite side. What will he do now that he calls all the shots?!

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