‘Big Brother 20’ fans still think Faysal is an idiot for winning the Veto even though it worked out for him in the end

Faysal was a winner and a loser on “Big Brother 20” last week. He won the Veto after promising both Kaitlyn and Haleigh he would use it on them if he won it — an inexplicable move that has 75 percent of our readers deeming him an idiot.

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Why Fessy didn’t throw the Veto, which easily could’ve been doing in a question-based comp like Chop, Bonk, Spank, is beyond us. He would’ve removed himself from the equation and wouldn’t have to choose between his two best girls. Instead, he was caught in a triangle of his own doing and, again, eschewing the simpler option of not using the Veto, he chose to veto Haleigh, on whom he’s been crushing. Plus, he could barely admit to Kaitlyn that he had also promised Haleigh he’d save her, but she figured it out by his evasive answers.

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Luckily for Fessy, he was able to dodge two bullets. The vote was fluid all week to evict Kaitlyn or Rockstar, before it became clear Kaitlyn would get the boot. And then Kaitlyn put in one of the worst performances of all time in one of the easiest comps of all time, failing to assemble a six-piece puzzle in time to re-enter the house after getting evicted. Who knows how she would’ve retaliated against Fessy had she returned and won HOH now that she knows where his true allegiance lies.

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The remaining 25 percent think Fessy did what he had to do by winning the Veto. It worked out for him in the end, but it was awfully dicey for him in the house post-Veto.

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