‘Big Brother 20’: Was Faysal an idiot for winning the Veto? [POLL]

Big Brother 20” turned into “The Bachelor” on Wednesday’s episode after Faysal told both Kaitlyn and Haleigh that he’d use the Power of Veto on each of them if he won it. Probably not the best game move, but he still had to go and win the thing… which he did. It made even less sense than Kaitlyn claiming she threw the Veto to him. Why would you purposely put yourself in that position after making promises to both of them?

When Fessy initially made those promises, he probably thought he wasn’t going to get picked or win. But Haleigh drew the Houseguest’s Choice chip and picked him. And then he told Kaitlyn he will save her if she threw the comp to him before telling Haleigh that he will actually save her and not to worry if she hears Kaitlyn saying he’d use it on her.

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Fessy was stuck in between a rock and the Chop, Bonk, Spank machine, and if he were smart, he would’ve just thrown the comp and extricated himself from the situation. Let Kaitlyn and Haleigh save themselves. It was a memory-based question comp, so it was very easy to throw without looking obvious. Instead, he got all seven questions right. It came down to him and Kaitlyn, who was one point behind, at the end. (By the way, Kaitlyn, you can’t throw a comp to someone when you’re already losing, but keep telling yourself you did.)

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You can argue that Fessy also wanted to win so he’d be immune from being a replacement nominee, but it was very unlikely that Sam would’ve picked him, especially after her (hypocritical) hugfest with him.

With the Veto in hand, Fessy could’ve told Kaitlyn and Haleigh he won’t use it on either of them, which would still upset them, but not as much as him using it on one of them would. Though he’s close with both of them, it’s no shocker that he decided to use it on Haleigh, with whom he’s been pursuing a showmance to no avail. But he didn’t even have the balls to tell Kaitlyn outright that he won’t save her.

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And now he’s pissed off one of his closest allies in the house. If Kaitlyn gets evicted and returns thanks to Sam’s Bonus Life Power App, Fessy might have to endure the wrath of Krazy Kaitlyn.

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