‘Big Brother 20’: Is the Hacker Comp twist too powerful?

Big Brother 20” introduced its second twist of the season on Sunday’s episode: the Hacker Comp, which gives the winner near omnipotence for the week without having to be exposed. Great for the winner, sucks for the rest of the house and the HOH. Not all “Big Brother” twists are created equal, but is this one of the most lopsided ones yet?

The winner of the Hacker Comp gets three powers: the ability to change one nomination, pick one veto player and to nullify one eviction vote. Each one of these is a potentially game-changing perk, and if we were making this game, we’d have the winner choose one of them. That seems reasonable, right? These twists and powers usually impact one aspect of the game, not multiple. Giving one person all three of these abilities feels like overkill.

As Angela pointed out on Sunday’s show, she, the HOH, has limited power and can’t make big moves, or put up her actual target, because who knows what the hacker will do. On top of that, there are still two unused Power Apps; she knows what Bayleigh’s does, but has no idea Tyler has the other one, so her nominations could’ve been affected three times. (Of course, Angela wouldn’t have nominated Tyler in the first place.) It feels unnecessary to introduce another twist that does similar things — and more — to existing twists that are still in play.

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As it turned out, Haleigh, who won the Hacker Comp, did the last thing Angela wanted: she took off Scottie and put up Tyler on the block next to Rockstar.

It’s a great “oh, sh–!” move, since we, the viewers, know Tyler has been the mastermind this whole season — Haleigh just thinks he’s been riding the middle — but we also don’t think TPTB want Tyler to leave either, especially after unexpectedly losing Kaitlyn, the source of so much insane drama. Tyler has been behind a lot of the game drama and the blindsides against FOUTTE. Having him on the block and giving Haleigh the ability to cancel a vote puts him in danger of going home, since it would be a 4-3 vote and Angela wouldn’t be able to break a tie. Picking a Veto player is obviously the weakest of the hacker’s three powers, and the Veto is the only way Tyler can guarantee his safety (click here to find out the Veto results).

Sensing everyone’s annoyance with the Hacker Comp, Sam pitched to the house to throw it to her and she would refuse to use the powers. It was hilarious because 1) producers would never allow her not to use it, and 2) she still thinks “Big Brother” is a sleepaway camp and doesn’t get the game at all.

The good news is that the Hacker Comp only lasts two weeks, which honestly is two weeks too long.

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