‘Big Brother 20’: Does Kaitlyn ‘deserve a Daytime Emmy’? [POLL]

Kaitlyn Herman is a woman after our own heart. During Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother 20,” the loopy life coach, so proud of her moves as Head of Household so far, declared in the Diary Room, “I deserve a Daytime Emmy. I deserve it.”

Oh, Kaitlyn. For someone who reads auras and manifests results, could you not intuit that it’d be a Primetime Emmy since “Big Brother” airs in primetime? Nevertheless, Kaitlyn has been killing it so far.

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We were worried she’d be annoying with all her “reading people’s energies” blah blah blah, and while it can be eyeroll-inducing, she’s been a total hoot so far. She’s the right mix of crazy eyes, good gameplay (that flip vote last week!) and pure entertainment. If you’ve been watching the live feeds, then you know she’s also blessed us with lines like, “I can’t tell you the last time I lied to someone’s face like this. I honestly feel this is on the verge of psychopath.”

It’s truly a great performance, and really, “Big Brother” is all about performance and manipulation and deceit. Kaitlyn obviously couldn’t tell Swaggy C that she’s planning to backdoor him this week, so she merely told him that she’s going to nominate Winston and Scottie, which she did, with the latter as a pawn. He bought it, even though it arguably doesn’t make much sense to risk one of your allies as a pawn.

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But perhaps the true Kaitlin was the one curling her eyelashes in the HOH room, telling us in a sing-song voice, “What the f— am I doing? I’m a shady ass bitch. It’s kind of fun. I kind of feel like I’m playing like a character that I’ve never played.”

But would you give her an Emmy for it?

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