Here’s who the pre-jurors would vote for to win ‘Big Brother 20’

Steve, Swaggy C, Kaitlyn, Winston and Rachel were evicted pre-jury on “Big Brother 20,” so they won’t have a say in the winner. But, like all of us, they still have an opinion on who should win and who’d they vote for out of Kaycee, Tyler and JC.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the quintet was split between Tyler and Kaycee (sorry, JC). Winston respects JC’s game, but would give the $500,000 to Tyler. “JC getting there the way he has was amazing,” he says. “He was with the right people the whole time and played both sides. But the most deserving is Tyler.”

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Swaggy agrees and goes as far to say that Angela deserves to be in the final three more than Kaycee because Angela actually made moves and targeted people. “Kaycee won comps, but did nothing with it,” he says. “She didn’t make a single move. Whatever Tyler said, Kaycee would have done. She’ll probably win, but does she deserve it? No. Tyler is number one, JC is number two and Angela is number three. Tyler made every move from Day 1. Kaycee started playing at Day 60.”

The ladies would vote for Kaycee because of her friendly game style. Rachel argues that Kaycee was playing from the beginning and has a similar game to hers. “I like to treat people with respect and be nice,” she says. “Who did Tyler disrespect?” Swaggy replies (touché). “I’m not saying he did,” Rachel says.

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Kaitlyn likes that Kaycee laid low in the first half of the game — and that she hugged and made coffee for everyone (very important criteria for winning “Big Brother,” of course). She’s still bitter that Tyler “manipulated me on an emotional level and a game level” when he convinced her to evict Steve and backdoor Swaggy. “He didn’t have to do that,” she says. “He didn’t have to pretend he was in love with me to get me to make moves.” (Uh, girl, no one thinks he was pretending to be in love with you, but you tell yourself what you need to hear.)

Steve, ever so diplomatic, wants to split the cash between Kaycee and Tyler, but if forced to choose, he would “lean Tyler.”

So that’s three votes for Tyler and two for Kaycee, which is as close as everyone expects it to be Wednesday night too.

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