‘Big Brother’ 20 power rankings: These 5 players are struggling in the house and WON’T win

It’s been a long time since any “Big Brother” house has been this evenly divided between two powerful alliances, but we are eternally grateful that both the FOUTTE and Level 6 alliances have managed to last this long because it’s made for a suspenseful and dramatic 20th season. The two alliances have both seen huge losses and had their own internal betrayals while also equally trusting the swing votes of the players floating in the middle. Below are my picks for the five players that I think are really struggling to leave their mark on the competition and WON’T win the game. Agree or disagree? Zing me and each other in the comments!

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Angela Rummans 40/1 odds to win

There is actually a part of me that thinks Angela can win this season, but after the way she was so cold in a goodbye message to her former closest ally Rachel Swindler I’m pretty sure there’s no way Angela is humble enough to win over a jury. Honestly, aside from winning HOH once, Angela has been invisible from the edit of the season and has such a small impact on the game that I don’t even know what her pitch to win would be! When you consider how confident Angela was that Bayleigh Dayton was the BB Hacker it’s reasonable to assume that Angela already has a long list going of the things she thinks she’s done to deserve a win. Sadly, I don’t think many in the rest of the house see her as that instrumental in any of the power plays and consider her a lap dog of Tyler Crispen.

JC Mounduix 100/1 odds to win

JC has been playing one of the oddest games this season. In most evictions he’s voting with the Level 6 alliance, I think based on a secret relationship with Tyler, but to what end I’m not sure. He has a very close personal relationship to Fessy, but in his DR segments JC looks down on Fessy’s strategy and seems unwilling to align with him from a game perspective. Depending on how the POV goes this week, if one Level 6 and one FOUTTE member remain on the block then JC could be put in another position of having to choose sides. In the past he’s been able to disguise his votes as supporting either side, but with less people in the game and a stronger sense of trust being built among other players, JC is surely running out of room to hide. Looking forward, I think JC’s days of floating in the middle or running short and one of the two sides is bound to make him pay for it sooner rather than later.

Rockstar Lantry100/1 odds to win

After Kaycee Clark, as the BB Hacker, took herself off the block and replaced her with Rockstar this week, Rockstar is now the most nominated player in the house. Because of the numbers and current loyalties in the house, Rockstar needs someone from FOUTTE to win the POV this week otherwise she’s likely to be evicted. But, even if she stays, the other side of the house clearly considers her the player to nominate in order to get the least amount of blood on their hands. The idea is that you keep nominating people who have been on the block before so that you don’t piss anyone new off. That puts Rockstar in a dangerous position, the same dangerous position she’s in this week, of simply being the easiest to vote out. It’s hard for any player to get out of this position, let alone someone who has come up very short at every competition so far in the game.

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Faysal Shafaat – 80/1 odds to win

One of the reasons FOUTTE is having such a hard time gaining traction is that they can’t win POV comps when they need to. Fessy won two already this season, but neither week was one he really needed to–inarguably, the week both Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman were on the block was the worst time for Fessy to win it and he did anyway! That was a huge turning point in Fessy’s game because it cut Kaitlyn off from him entirely and pushed her closer to Tyler. Since then, Fessy has shown no improvement in terms of decision-making, including that time he convinced Bayleigh to not nominate JC when, unknown to Fessy, JC has been actively working against Fessy’s interests each week. I just don’t think Fessy is that good at the game and, frankly, I don’t think anyone he’s playing with thinks he’s that good either. It’ll be one miracle if Fessy makes it to the finals, but it’ll be two miracles if he finds a way to convince the jury he deserves to win.

Sam Bledsoe8/1 odds to win

Has there ever been a less competitive person in series history? I mean, honestly, Sam probably will make it the very end of the game, but at this point I firmly believe that if (when!) she does, she’s going to beg the jury to vote for whoever she is up against. Sam has already made similar pitches to the house this season–remember when the BB Hacker comp was announced and she, in 100% seriousness, suggested that everyone throw the comp to her so that she could vow to not use any of the powers and keep the “status quo” in the house? Everyone laughed at it and blew her off. I can’t wait to see how much they respect her decision to willingly take third place so that two other people can vie for the votes of the jury instead. And even then she’ll probably ask Julie Chen if she can vote for both to win or, even worse, abstain from voting!

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