‘Big Brother’ 20 power rankings: These 5 houseguests are running the game and CAN win

With the power in the “Big Brother” house switching hands between the alliances each week, Season 20 is one of the most unpredictable games in the series’ history. But that won’t keep me from ranking the houseguests in terms of how much power they wield in the game. Below are my picks for the five players that I think are, in their own way, running the house and CAN eventually win the game. Agree or disagree with me? Zing me and each other in the comments!

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Tyler Crispen 2/3 odds to win

There is no beating around the bush — Tyler has been running the game since week 1 when he was crowned the season’s first HOH and is the clear frontrunner to win the game because of it. That being said, thanks to Haleigh, Tyler now has a lot of attention on him and what was mostly a quietly powerful game is now out in the open. Haleigh’s side of the house sees Tyler as the head of the snake of the Level 6 alliance (an alliance they still don’t know the full make-up of) and she has her eyes set on him for a backdoor eviction plan this week. Going forward, Tyler’s key to getting to the end and winning is using his Power App the evade the block this week and then keeping close tabs on his side-alliances to make sure that he can still use their votes in the future. In the past those votes have been Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix, but it seems that Sam may be slipping out of his grasp and JC’s friendship with Faysal Shafaat is worrisome. Without those swing votes Tyler could lose control of the votes in future evictions, but from where he stands now he has a lot of tools at his disposal and should be able to coast through the game unharmed for at least a few more weeks.

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Haleigh Broucher 8/1 odds to win

Tyler’s biggest competition right now is Haleigh who, since Bayleigh Dayton‘s eviction, has become the brains of the disastrous FOUTTE (“Five Of Us Till The End”) alliance. After needlessly disclosing her role as last week’s BB Hacker comp winner, Haleigh could have been on the chopping block this week, but she won HOH and temporarily wrestled full control over the house from Level 6. Seeing Haleigh set Tyler on such edge in the last few weeks has been a joy to watch–mostly because everyone else in the house seemed to be under his spell–and made it clear that her intuition is one of her best assets. While most of the FOUTTE alliance has flailed about week-to-week being blindsided at almost every eviction, Haleigh has managed to keep her cool, play relatively under the radar and also maintain working relationships with players on the other side of the house, like Brett. She’s proven that she can win competitions when necessary and make big moves, both of which will be key points for her to make if she sits in front of the jury at the end.

Scottie Salton18/1 odds to win

When Scottie threw that unexpected rogue vote to evict Swaggy C (while wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt! live on air) in week 2 I thought “yeah, this kid is too messy to win.” That was a bold and, frankly, unnecessary move on his part and should have cost him all future trust with anyone in the FOUTTE alliance. However, since then he won HOH (the very next week, probably when he needed it most) and in getting Winston Hines evicted has managed to find his place firmly in the middle of the two alliances. Compared to other seasons, the anti-“floater” discussions have been few and far between, allowing Scottie to carve out for himself a comfortable position in both sides of the house. My biggest concern with Scottie’s game is that he really wants to win comps, but that is only going to put him in a spot where he has to choose a side. Last time he chose the FOUTTE side, but if he wins HOH or POV soon he’ll have to show his cards again with a move that could potentially sever ties with Tyler for the rest of the game. If he makes it to the end, I do think Scottie can make a pretty solid case for why he should win though and that’s something not a lot of players still in the game have going for them.

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Brett Robinson16/1 odds to win

What Brett lacks in strategic moves that actually shift the game in his direction, he makes up for in a winning personality that everyone in the house seems to love. The best example of how likable Brett can be is in his evolving relationship with Rockstar Lantry, who at one point screamed at how “disgusting” he is during a live eviction episode. Of everyone in the house, I think Brett has the best possibility of becoming the “we voted for you because we like you” type of winner, but that, as always, will depend on who he sits next to at the end and how bitter the jury is. So far in the game Brett has won ZERO competitions, including the two BB Hacker comps despite being a cyber security expert outside of the game. At one point it seemed like Brett was in too hot of water to escape becoming the perpetual anti-Level 6 nominee, but this week his flirting with Haleigh paid off because she nominated Angela Rummans and Kaycee as pawns (in a plan to backdoor Tyler) instead of him. If Brett continues to convince the other side of the house that he’s a powerless lone wolf then when the time is right he can make a serious power move, earn some gameplay respect and be a real threat to win on both game and personal levels.

Kaycee Clark40/1 odds to win

Every season there’s a player that plays so low in the first part of the game that the entire house overlooks them as a threat long enough for them to make bold power plays. This week, having won the BB Hacker comp and potentially saving her alliance from an eviction, Kaycee emerged as that player. For Level 6 to avoid losing one of their own this week they needed two things to happen–win the BB Hacker comp and win the Power of Veto. Kaycee really pulled through by winning the first comp and removing herself from the block, setting up a scenario where they could potentially run the vote and have Haleigh be the HOH the week one of her alliance members is evicted. Furthermore, Kaycee has finally added something to her list of accomplishments and won’t have to build a defense against a “coattail rider” argument. I think Kaycee still has a week or two left of laying low before she really needs to kick it into high gear and, honestly, doing so will just put her in an even better position as one of the least threatening players.

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