‘Big Brother 20”s Rachel: Angela is a ‘straight-up horrible person’

There is no love lost between Rachel and Angela on “Big Brother 20.” Still hurting from being blindsided and Angela’s ruthless goodbye message, Rachel says she couldn’t “care less about Angela,” who’s a “horrible person.”

“You know, if that’s her character and that’s who she is as a person then her relationship means nothing to me. After this is over, she’s the one that executed this and did a lot of this,” Rachel told TV Guide. “She’s a horrible person then, straight-up horrible person. She took somebody’s genuine feelings, emotions and genuine friendship and used it against them and I think that’s dirty and disgusting and I really would have been loyal to her until the end, and I got played.”

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Angela engineered Rachel’s blindside after Rachel let her paranoia get the best of her about being on the block. That itself sucks for Rachel, but Angela took it to the next level and channeled her inner mean girl, repeatedly ripping her apart in the house and then telling Rachel in a downright nasty goodbye message that their final two deal is as “irrelevant as you were in Week 2.”

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“She’s irrelevant!” Rachel says. “I would say — and I hope I get the chance to do this on finale night — I may have been Week 2 but you’re irrelevant the whole season.”

But Angela is not the only person she’s mad at. Rachel thinks everyone in her Level 6 alliance are “snakes” and she has no desire to be friends with them. “I’m going to watch everything back and I’m going to see what happened and I’ll see who orchestrated this and who just kind of went with it,” she says. “And those people that just went with it, I will be friends with them. But the people that really orchestrated this, which I assuming is Angela and Tyler, I don’t really care to be their friends. I don’t really care. I have a great life with great friends and I don’t need their friendships.”

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Rachel does acknowledge that she fueled her eviction by not keeping her cool about being nominated. Level 6 also took umbrage with Rachel taking Bayleigh’s word that Tyler wanted to target Angela, which Rachel says she fell for because she thought she could trust Bayleigh after she told her about her Power App.

“And it makes sense to me because Tyler was about to be the only guy in a four-person alliance with three girls,” she says. “So it made sense to me. And I also didn’t understand why Bayleigh would say “I’m going to put Angela up.” It doesn’t make sense to me. Because she doesn’t know that there’s any involvement between me, Tyler and Angela. She doesn’t know about that. So the story didn’t make sense to me. His story didn’t make sense to me when I heard it from him, so I took Bayleigh at her word because she told me about her app and I trusted her.”

There is one bright side to being evicted one week shy of jury though: Rachel won’t be stuck in sequester with her former allies. “I do feel good about that,” she says. “Specifically Angela.”

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