‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Bayleigh is really, really going to regret telling Rachel about her Power App

It’s not a week in the “Big Brother 20” house if someone doesn’t make a head-scratching decision. On Sunday’s episode, new HOH Bayleigh, hoping to engender trust, told Rachel that she got the third Power App. Is this the dumbest move of all time or is this the dumbest move of all time?

OK, maybe not “of all time,” but it’s pretty up there. Bayleigh had already spent the first part of her HOH reign acting like the Queen B, demanding loyalty from everyone, including her own alliance member Faysal, who dared suggest that she not nominate his bud JC. Faysal was also the only person she’s told about her Identity Theft Power App, which lets her secretly overthrow the HOH’s nominations with her own only at the nomination ceremony… until now.

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It’s easy to see how Bayleigh rationalized it to herself in the moment. She was already set on nominating Brett, her target, and wanted to put up a pawn, leaving a backdoor option open for Scottie or JC. But she and Rachel are not close at all. They had barely spoken until this one-on-one, which obviously only happened because Bayleigh is HOH. Why would you tell someone you have this power and then nominate them, even if you insist they are a pawn? (As we all know, pawns go home.) Plus, Rachel is not just “someone”; she’s someone from the other side of the house. The Alliance Formerly Known As FOUTTE is still dense as hell and doesn’t realize the other side has an alliance of their own, but you don’t go telling people you’ve barely talked to about your special power and think that they won’t tell anyone else.

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Which is exactly what Rachel did. She immediately told Angela after this happened on Friday, and if she were smarter, she would’ve told all of Level 6. Instead, Rachel proceeded to freak out about being on the block to the point that she cried in Bayleigh’s lap at one point over the weekend. Bayleigh exacerbated Rachel’s paranoia by telling her that Tyler, who won the Veto, told Bayleigh that he wanted Angela as the renom if he used the Veto.

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In reality, Tyler was considering saving Brett and was trying to plant the seeds for a Scottie renom by telling Bayleigh that he and Scottie are BFFs, so Bayleigh would “retaliate” when he used it. But for some reason Rachel believed Bayleigh — again, someone she hardly talked to before Friday — instead of her own alliance member and continued to lose her damn mind to the point that her own alliance wants to evict her over Brett.

It wasn’t until Sunday night that Tyler and Rachel finally talked and he told her the truth about his conversation with Bayleigh, which seemed to calm her down. But Rachel still didn’t tell Tyler about Bayleigh’s power — Angela told Tyler and Kaycee. As with most pieces of information that make their way through a game of telephone, Angela didn’t have the exact details of the power right (to be fair, Bayleigh has also misrepresented what it does), but the important thing is that Tyler now knows.

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“Bayleigh has the power. The power is she can change the nominations next week. If you piss her off this week, you are probably going to be the nomination,” Angela told him.

“Why the f— would she tell Rachel that?” Tyler said.

“I have no idea,” Angela said. “Doesn’t make any f—ing sense.”

Took the words right out of our mouth. Now Tyler is definitely not going to use the Veto because he was only considering using it if he could guarantee a Scottie renom. He can’t afford to piss Bayleigh off more when she has this in her back pocket. The news eventually made its way to Brett.

“She can change both of the nominations?” Brett asked.

“That’s what Angela told me,” Tyler said. “Rachel is a f—ing idiot for telling Angela that. Of course Angela is going to tell me, and I’m going to want to keep nominations the same.”

So now the entire other side of the house knows about Bayleigh’s power before her own alliance does, and they can adjust their game and use it as leverage — or even expose it to the whole house if things escalate to that point. Good going, Bay.

For the record, Tyler has told no one about his Power App.

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