‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Watch Bayleigh completely lose her mind (and a tooth?) in the wildest house meeting yet

Well, that escalated quickly.

Haleigh called a “Big Brother 20” house meeting Wednesday afternoon to reveal that she’s the hacker in a desperate, delusional move to save Bayleigh from eviction. Because, you know, it’s not fair she’s being targeted because Angela thinks she’s the hacker. She’s certainly not on the block because of her Power App (insert sarcasm font). The meeting started mildly enough, with Haleigh confessing she’s the hacker and telling everyone, “There are several people here who owe Bayleigh an apology.”

And then all hell broke loose. Bayleigh, as she’s wont to do in every single conversation, hijacked the meeting and starts screeching to the high heavens at Tyler — seriously it was so high-pitched only dogs could hear at certain points — about how he allegedly lied that Bayleigh said she would nominate Angela last week if he used the Veto. If you recall, Tyler asked her if Angela would be the replacement nominee if he used the Veto, and Bayleigh said she probably would be. Bay is now claiming she never said that, and that Tyler is a liar who wanted to backdoor Angela, is bullying Bayleigh (which, if you’ve been watching the feeds, is not true — he just says “good morning” to her), and owes her an apology. Tyler tried to defend himself, but again, as Bay is wont to do, continued to shout over him.

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Some choice quotes:

Bayleigh: How about an apology instead of treating me like f—ing trash?!

Tyler: Own it.

Tyler: Just because you’re screaming doesn’t make it true.

Bayleigh: You are such a child.

Tyler: You are screaming at me.

Tyler: Well, congrats, I’m still voting you out, you have a power.

Actually just watch it in all its glory.

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It ended with Bayleigh’s lip bleeding and possibly having lost a tooth.

Honestly, in Bayleigh’s mind, she probably legitimately thinks she never told Tyler she would put Angela up last week. She’s convinced herself that’s true and, as JC pointed out, has branded herself as the victim, and everything everyone else says that’s opposed to her is wrong, because she is always right. We’ve seen milder versions of these kinds of confrontations between Bayleigh and another houseguest before. It’s a classic bratty kid behavior when they don’t get what they want. (Also, if Tyler really wanted to backdoor Angela and got confirmation from Bayleigh that she would put her up, then he would’ve used the Veto.)

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Obviously no one in Level 6 or JC fell for Bayleigh’s meltdown (Sam has been consoling Bayleigh). It’s as mind-boggling to them as it is to us that Bayleigh and the rest of The Hive still don’t understand that Bayleigh is being targeted because of her Power App. As Tyler said, it’s irrelevant if she’s the hacker or not; she still has a power! The hacker thing is just a cover. Angela later flat-out said, “Honestly, being able to blame backdooring Bayleigh on the hacker has been perfect.”

Haleigh’s whole goal of the house meeting was to flip the vote to save Bayleigh by admitting she’s the hacker. Bayleigh did herself absolutely no favors with her freakout, but Haleigh’s plan is so dumb that no one in Level 6 believes she’s the hacker because why would anyone expose their own game like that?

“I think Bayleigh convinced Haleigh to say it,” Angela said. “If Haleigh really was the hacker, why would she make herself a target? Not only is Tyler going to gun for her, I have a reason now to gun for her.”

Beats us, Ange, beats us.

Anyway, we can’t wait to see the broadcast version of this, complete with Diary Rooms, on Thursday.

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