‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Did Kaitlyn backdoor Swaggy C?

The Week 2 Power of Veto comp and ceremony on “Big Brother 20” is coming an hour earlier Wednesday, at 8/7c, but you don’t have to wait until then to find out what went down — aka if Kaitlyn went through with backdooring her FOUTTE alliance member Swaggy C.

As we previously recapped, Tyler won the Veto when it was played on Saturday. At Monday’s Veto ceremony, Tyler did as he promised to Kaitlyn and took Scottie off the block. Kaitlyn nominated Swaggy C, so either he or Winston will be evicted on Thursday.

The fallout from the blindside was swift. When the feeds returned, Kaitlyn was crying in the HOH room, saying that she can’t look at Swaggy anymore, while others reassured that she did the right thing. “It’s a game,” Haleigh said. “This is the point of the game. It’s to get people out who are trying to get you out.”

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“You made the right move,” Brett added. “He was coming at you personally.”

“If anything, you empowered yourself more as a person,” Tyler told her. “You know how proud your younger self would be for standing up for yourself right now?”

Meanwhile, Swaggy C is upset, but said he was “not surprised.” I told all of you guys yesterday this would happen,” he said. He believes he can pull one or two votes to save him, possibly Rachel or J.C.

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His showmance Bayleigh is optimistic that people will be “sympathetic [that] you were blindsided.” Bayleigh later went up to talk to Kaitlyn, who told her she was “hurt” by Swaggy talking about her last week and that he never talked to her one-on-one. Bayleigh insisted it was never anything rude or inappropriate, just “‘We don’t want Kaitlyn to blow up.’”

“Swaggy and I are in a group together,” Kaitlyn said. “If one of my alliance members is saying that about me, that’s more alarming to me than if a non-alliance member is.”

Bayleigh said she understood where Kaitlyn was coming from and that she’s talked to Swaggy about this ‘tude and big mouth. “If you do feel somebody is bullying you, or threatening you, absolutely take up for yourself,” she told Kaitlyn. “It just sucks that I have to be in the middle.”

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