‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Here’s everyone who knows about Bayleigh’s Power App

Oh, Bayleigh. You were doing so well. After receiving the third Power App on “Big Brother 20,” she only told her FOUTTE alliance member Faysal about it, and he kept his lips zipped. But then she made one of the dumbest moves ever by telling Rachel, one of her eventual nominees on the other side of the house, about her power to gain her trust. Well, she placed her trust in the wrong person. As shown on Wednesday’s episode, Rachel told Angela, who told Tyler. But it didn’t stop there.

Angela also told Kaycee, and now, as of press time, Brett and JC have also been told. So yes, the entire Level 6 alliance knows about their opposition’s power, while only one person in Bayleigh’s alliance knows about it. This on top of FOUTTE still thinking Brett, not Rachel, will be evicted Thursday, is too good to be true. You can’t make this stuff up. Level 6 doesn’t have all the details correct, believing the app expires after next week when it lasts until the final eight, but the important part is that they know she has it and can use it against her.

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And that’s precisely what they’re planning on doing. If all things go according to plan with their Rachel blindside, Level 6 had initially planned on telling Bayleigh after the eviction that Rachel blabbed about her power. But Angela and Brett have since started working on another fiery eviction speech for Brett, in which he’ll throw Rachel under the bus the same way he did to Rockstar two weeks ago. He plans on exposing Bayleigh’s power and the all-girls alliance to the entire house and blame Rachel for it. The hope is to rattle the already paranoid Rachel and maybe entice someone from FOUTTE to flip.

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If Brett goes through with it on Thursday, the entire house will know about Bayleigh’s power by the end of the night. And Bayleigh only has herself to blame for it. The perk of her power was that she could overthrow the HOH’s nominations secretly. She nullified that the second she told Rachel and made herself a backdoor target. But truly the worst part of Bayleigh screwing herself over is that she has now robbed fans the chance to see everyone’s shocked faces if she had kept it on the down low and used the power the way it was meant to be used.

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