‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: The Hive continues to shoot itself in the FOUTTE foot

You know how everyone on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” say they’re “here for the right reasons”? Well, Faysal is on “Big Brother 20” for the wrong reasons. He actually should be on “The Bachelor,” given how obsessed he is with Haleigh and his facepalm-inducing nominations of Scottie and Brett.

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After a sixth blindside in seven weeks and with Fessy winning the slip ‘n slide HOH in a super fast 25 minutes Thursday, you’d think Level 6 will be in trouble, even if The Hive still hasn’t figured out there’s a whole other alliance. But since this is The Hive we’re talking about, we’re getting another half-baked reign. Fessy’s initial idea wasn’t totally awful: He wanted to get one of the guys out, but not his pal JC, while Haleigh tried to save her pal Scottie, who was the only person to vote to save Rockstar. That left Tyler and Brett. OK, fine.

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But then later in the night, JC worked his misting power over Fessy (#neverforget when he said he’s Fessy’s brain cells) and Haleigh. First, he assured them that Brett was the sole vote to keep Rockstar because they’ve been getting close and that Scottie, who they’ve suspected has flipped before, was the one who flipped to keep Kaycee. Then he insisted that Scottie was targeting Fessy because Scottie likes Haleigh and that’s why he’s been getting close to her lately. This is a sound approach to take with someone as dimwitted and horny as Fessy: This guy is coming for your girl! If you don’t get him out now, he will get you out and have her all to himself!

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Again, anybody else would question this, but this is The Hive. Fessy and Haleigh bought it (the copious amounts of wine helped) and soon they were discussing whether to nominate Scottie outright or to backdoor him, and who to put up alongside him. JC pushed for initial Brett/Kaycee noms with a Scottie backdoor so he’s not guaranteed to play Veto. Oh, and remember Tyler? You know, the person Haleigh secretly nominated as the hacker and wanted to backdoor last week? JC convinced them not to target him. I can talk to Tyler this week and try to get him completely on my side, and try to make him believe that since me and you are such good friends, I convinced [Fessy] to not touch Tyler,” JC said, to which Fessy said he would talk to Tyler as well.

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To top off the night, in a moment you couldn’t script any better, Fessy turned Scottie away when he tried to come into the HOH room, saying they’ll talk in the morning. Scottie innocently said, “Good night. Love you,” before asking Haleigh if she’s coming downstairs to sleep. You see where this is going, right? When Scottie’s out of earshot, Fessy recounted the exchange to JC.

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Fessy: [Scottie] opens the door. What does he say to you?

Haleigh: “I love you.”

Faysal: And then what does he say?

Haleigh: “Aren’t you coming down?”

JC: ‘Cause they are alone in the pink room. So romantic. He’s in love with her.

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Poor innocent Scottie, accidentally fanning the flames of his nomination. That likely sealed the deal. By the morning, Fessy was set on nominating Scottie and Brett outright. He talked to Tyler, Angela and Kaycee, letting them know he’s not after any of them. Choice quote: “I think even though we have been on the opposite side of the vote a lot, that doesn’t mean we are against each other. It’s the people in the middle that are trying to play both sides.” Haleigh, sobered up, tried to point out that Tyler, Angela and Kaycee would eventually come for the two of them, but Fessy reiterated that he’d rather know his enemy than have shady people playing him. Oh, Fess.

At Haleigh’s behest, Scottie had a one-on-one with Fessy right before nominations Friday, but nothing was going to sway Fessy at that point.

Meanwhile, Level 6, who no doubt was expecting to be the target this week, was stunned at the change of fortune. “If we can pull off this week, wow,” Kaycee said. Angela hit the nail on the head: “I think it all comes down to a lot of Haleigh. … Scottie is always with Haleigh too. [Fessy] wants Haleigh all to himself. Fess’ whole game is about showmances and girls.”

Bingo. You’ve got to give JC some credit for working his magic on Fessy, which admittedly wasn’t that hard to do. And now we might have a repeat of last week — except no Hacker Comp this time to mess with things: The Hive losing an ally on their own HOH.

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