‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Part 1 of the final HOH did not go according to someone’s plan

Tyler is one step closer to $500,000 after winning Part 1 of the final HOH on “Big Brother 20” Thursday night. But the thing was, he wasn’t supposed to win it. Was his victory a happy accident or part of his master plan?

Before the comp, Tyler and Kaycee agreed to have her win Part 1 if JC fell first and then for Tyler to win Part 2. Lo and behold, JC dropped first from the endurance comp, clearing the way for Tyler and Kaycee to pull off their scheme. After the comp, which wasn’t shown on the live feeds, Kaycee said she signaled for Tyler to drop, but he said he didn’t right away because he wanted to make his fall look believable. “I was going to wait for a jolt [from the comp] and then act like I slipped,” he explained.

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But before that happened, Kaycee, whose arms had gone numb, dropped. “As soon as [JC] fell, my arms were like Jell-O,” she said. Tyler, meanwhile, said he was “solid” and could’ve lasted a lot longer up there. They’re not too concerned because they believe Kaycee will smoke JC in Part 2, which is historically a mental and physical comp (they’re all expecting it to be the days comp since that hasn’t happened yet). “Without a doubt, I have got this next one,” Kaycee said. “We could not have him win that one.”

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But was Tyler telling the truth? Was he really planning to throw it to Kaycee but couldn’t because she fell first? We’ll probably find out in his Diary Rooms on Sunday’s episode. But his explanation to Kaycee that he was waiting for a jolt to instigate his fall is very plausible. Tyler excels at physical comps, so it would be very suspicious to JC if he fell so quickly after JC did. He needed his fall to look as real as possible and waiting for a jolt would accomplish that. He also probably didn’t expect comp beast Kaycee to struggle so early with her arms giving out, so he never got a chance to pull of his faux fall.

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But if Tyler was never planning on throwing it to Kaycee, then more power to him. He’s putting his own game first and controlling his own destiny. If you have a chance to win Part 1 of the final HOH, you should take it. You’re guaranteed a spot in Part 3, don’t have to exert mental or physical energy competing in Part 2, or have to endure the do-or-die stress of having to win Part 2.

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This is not to say that Tyler was playing Kaycee, who will probably win Part 2, so their busted Part 1 plan would be a moot point. By all appearances, Tyler still plans on honoring their final two deal, especially as JC continues to annoy the hell out of him with his belittling comments and delusion about how he’s the mastermind who dragged Tyler to the final three (lol). But it’s better to be safe than sorry, and Tyler is now safely into Part 3.

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