‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: It’s now Haleigh’s turn to make a moronic move

Just when you think the Hive couldn’t get any stupider on “Big Brother 20,” Haleigh proved everyone wrong.

On Tuesday, Haleigh revealed to Bayleigh that she was the hacker and put up Tyler to take a shot at him. She explained that she took Scottie off instead of Rockstar so no one would suspect the hacker was within the Hive. But it backfired because everyone suspects Bayleigh is the hacker and Angela put her up as the renomination. Now Haleigh feels guilty.

“I never intended for you to get caught up in this,” Haleigh said. “I’m not made to sit and watch you hurt.”

Haleigh feels so guilty that she wants to call a house meeting and confess she’s the hacker to everyone under the delusion that that will exonerate Bayleigh and save her from eviction. She later told Faysal she’s the hacker and wants to host a house meeting. He initially was like, “WTF?! No, don’t do that!” and you think Fessy has a couple brain cells. But by in the wee hours of the night, he’s had a change of heart and encouraged Haleigh to do the house meeting on Wednesday because this might flip the vote once everyone knows Bay wasn’t the hacker.

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Haleigh: Who do you think will flip their vote after my house meeting? Scottie already said he wants to keep Bay. Kaycee will feel really bad.

Faysal: And Brett.

Haleigh: And I’ll cancel Tyler.

Faysal: So I think it’s going to be unanimous vote to keep Bay.

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Oh, these precious children. Someone send them a clue. They think Bayleigh is on the block because Angela thinks she’s the hacker. It’s like they’ve forgotten about Brett’s eviction speech last week. Remember that, guys? Bayleigh has a freakin’ Power App. That she hasn’t used yet. Unbeknownst to Haleigh and Fessy, Bayleigh has also told Tyler and Angela her power actually lasts until the final eight, which is when they were like, “We need to pounce on her now.” But the point is, Bay has a Power App! That is why they are targeting her, not the hacker stuff. That’s a just a convenient suspicion to throw on top of it.

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It’s cute that Haleigh is so concerned about saving her friend, but she needs to realize she has to cut her losses at this point. Telling her alliance she’s the hacker is one thing, but there is absolutely no reason to tell the whole house. That will just blow up Haleigh’s own game and Tyler will zero in on her as his next target. But she thinks he’s “weak-minded,” so that hasn’t crossed her mind.

Haleigh, you were doing so well keeping up with the hacker lie. Now you’re just throwing your game away.

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