‘Big Brother 20’ will almost certainly have a jury Battle Back after Kaitlyn’s epic fail

Kaitlyn, you had one job. Everything was going according to plan on Thursday’s “Big Brother 20.” Kaitlyn got evicted, Sam’s Bonus Life Power App was activated, Kaitlyn had to complete the simplest puzzle in the world. Piece. Of. Cake. Wrong. She flopped and is out for good. And because she crashed and burned, you can mark down a jury battle back later on in the season.

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There are 12 houseguests left now. If you do the math, in order to fill out the record 99 days in the house by the Sept. 26 finale, which has a final three, and taking into account an inevitable double eviction, the show needs someone to return at some point. Steve, Swaggy C and Winston are already home, Kaitlyn’s out and has been told JC was the sole vote for her, so the returnee will be someone from jury.

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The returnee was supposed to be Kaitlyn or whoever the Bonus Life would be used on. TPTB wanted the person to complete this challenge so the Power App twist could be a “success” (yes, the other two haven’t been used yet) and perhaps possibly not having to deal with building a whole battle back comp. The fact that it was going to be Kaitlyn would make for peak drama that the producers live for. You know they wanted her to stay. She’ll get evicted, complete the comp, return to the game and give us more Krazy Kaitlyn live feeds gold.

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The six-piece puzzle of herself that Kaitlyn had to disassemble and reassemble in two and a half minutes could not have been easier. We’re assuming the conversation between producers went like this:

Producer 1: “Hey, what should we do for the Bonus Life comp?”

Producer 2: “Hmm, how about a standing puzzle of the evictee? They have to deconstruct it and then put it back together. That’s easy enough.”

Producer 1: “Oh, yeah. How many pieces should we do?”

Producer 2: “Four’s probably too obvious, right?”

Producer 1: “Yeah. Let’s do six. Let’s say two and a half minutes. That’s plenty of time.”

Producer 2: “Totally. They’ll be done in no time.”

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Nope. Kaitlyn bombed so hard and then took a breather to sit down a cry for five seconds. Was she trying to intuit how the pieces fit together? Because a first grader could’ve done this in like a minute.

The producers were also completely unprepared for her to fail. They clearly timed it for her to finish the puzzle and return to the game, and Julie Chen would probably do a quick Q&A with the whole house about Kaitlyn’s return. Then she’d sign off, telling us that the houseguests will compete in the HOH soon, which will be shown on Sunday’s episode. Instead, they had to whisk Kaitlyn onstage and fill a few minutes, which wasn’t enough time for a full exit interview, so that was taped and uploading online afterward.

But Kaitlyn’s fail is a future jury member’s gain.

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