‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Uh-oh! Level 6 is starting to fracture

Just when you thought this was going to be another ho-hum week on “Big Brother 20” even with a double eviction, things got very interesting on Tuesday night. That’s because Level 6 is finally starting to crack.

It all started when Brett approached Tyler about whether to target JC and Sam or Angela and Kaycee in the double eviction. He acknowledged that Angela and Kaycee are “loyal as f—” to Level 6 and the four of them would make final four if they continue to stick together. But if they turn on them now, he said, it’s easier for him and Tyler to beat JC and Sam later on. Brett also pointed to Kaycee’s insane time of two minutes in the BB Comics comp as a wake-up call. “I really don’t want to do it to the girls. I don’t want to on a personal level, but Kaycee got two f—ing minutes,” he said. “She destroyed us.”

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Tyler ostensibly agreed with Brett. “I know [Angela and Kaycee] are loyal to us for four, but everything you are saying is right. If we sit back for right now, [Angela and Kaycee, and JC and Sam] are taking shots at each other and that’s good for us,” he said. Brett then asked who of Angela and Kaycee would go in a double, and Tyler answered, “I think we already know who goes,” aka Angela. “If we send Angela out of here, we have Sam,” Brett said. They concurred that whoever gets Angela out would make the jury very happy and decide not to discuss anything again until the HOH on Thursday.

For a brief moment, it actually seemed like Tyler was readjusting his strategy to take Kaycee to final two, but less than three hours later, he spilled the beans to Kaycee, painting Brett as a Level 6 insurgent. “I was like, ‘The girls are so loyal to us until final four. I have even been trying to test them out.’ He was like, ‘Do you want to get third and fourth, or do you want to get first and second?'” Tyler said. “Sam and JC want Angela out. The way Brett kind of sees it is if they want Angela out, then it would be better for you to go ’cause they want Angela out.”

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Kaycee was none too pleased, calling Brett a “f—ing bitch.” “He has no idea that he is f—ing himself right now,” she said. “If he is over here saying sh– like that, then he is OK with going against the alliance.” She asked if they should take a shot at him in the double, to which Tyler said yes. The plan: If Brett isn’t the HOH, he would be the renomination and get blindsided. If Brett is the HOH and puts up Angela and Kaycee, Tyler will go for the Veto, save one of them, and they’ll vote out Brett’s replacement nominee. If things go awry, Angela will go.

Tyler and Kaycee doubled down on Operation Blindside Brett Wednesday morning. Tyler plans to tell him to throw the HOH and Veto. “If I win, I would put up Sam and JC, and be like, ‘Brett, don’t worry. Just throw this Veto. I’ll get all the blood,'” he said. They’re going to tell Angela Thursday morning to bring her in. “I can’t wait to tell her,” Kaycee said. “I feel like I want to tell her now.”

Things are not looking good for Brett and he doesn’t realize it (yet). The ironic thing is he is loyal to Level 6, but he correctly realized he was the fourth wheel in the alliance, and he was putting the idea of evicting Angela or Kaycee on the table because that’s what JC wants to do more so than him and he needs a pathway to get to the end. You also can’t blame him for trying to solidify a plan with Tyler, the only person he has a final two deal with, but his problem is that he has no idea Tyler has multiple final two deals and that Tyler sees him as his biggest threat. Tyler has already said his ideal final four is himself, Kaycee, Angela and JC. Brett just inadvertently gave Tyler ammunition to target him earlier than planned.

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The most telling part of this development is that Tyler still plans on Kaycee being his ride-or-die despite her increasingly impressive resume. Obviously that could still change in the coming weeks, but he could’ve weaponized the knowledge that Brett would be OK targeting Angela and Kaycee to get out a new threat.

There’s still a lot of time before Thursday night, so Level 6 could come together and clear the air, otherwise we might get another classic Level 6 blindside — this time on its own member.

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