‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Have the Power Apps been a bust?

The big twist, or at least the first twist, of “Big Brother 20” was Power Apps. Sam, Tyler and Bayleigh were the lucky three top trending houseguests who received powers, but through six weeks, outside of the expected paranoia, the Power Apps haven’t exactly panned out the way anyone has expected.

Obviously this twist works best if everyone kept their power on the down low. TPTB want the unsuspecting shock and awe from everyone when someone gets a chance to return to the game or the HOH’s nominations have been overthrown. But only Tyler has kept his lips sealed about his power.

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Sam’s Bonus Life app was good for four evictions and was automatically used the fourth week, the same week she won HOH. Sam, who’s all about fairness and kumbaya stuff, did not keep her Bonus Life app a secret by the time she won HOH. It was all set up for Kaitlyn to return and give us more feeds gold, but we all know what happened there. Kaitlyn’s unexpected demise has also supposedly messed up plans for the annual double eviction because producers were banking on the Bonus Life winner to be the season’s returnee.

Bayleigh initially only told Faysal about her Identity Theft app, and he did not tell a soul. She was in a good position until she inexplicably shared her power with Rachel last week as a way to engender trust when she wanted to use her as a pawn. By Thursday, Brett blabbed about her power to the whole house in his eviction speech. That’s bad, but Bayleigh made it worse. Everyone thought her power expired this week, but Bayleigh went and told Tyler and Angela that her power actually lasts until the final eight. The rest of Level 6 now know, and they decided to backdoor Bayleigh this week so she won’t have the chance to use her power.

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Bayleigh also made the huge mistake of telling Angela after she won HOH that she wouldn’t use her power this week. You’d think after getting blindsided last week with Rachel’s eviction, she’d be more inclined to use her power, but we guess she was more concerned about yelling at Rockstar for no reason.

Haleigh, who won the Hacker Comp, threw in a wrinkle by nominating Tyler, but Angela won Veto to save him and go through with the backdoor. So now Bayleigh might pull a Marcellas: get evicted with an unused power in her pocket. Definitely not what producers had in mind.

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If Bayleigh does go Thursday, it’s up to Tyler to prove the Power App twist’s worth. He gets to make himself immune from the block before a nomination or a Veto ceremony for the subsequent eight weeks from when he got it. At this point, it looks like he’ll never have to use it since no one has caught onto his stealth gameplay, but as numbers dwindle, he’ll probably be forced to use it.

But so far, the Power Apps have underwhelmed.Perhaps this is why we have the Hacker Comp now.

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