‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Will there be another killer blindside in Week 5?

Through four weeks of “Big Brother 20,” we’ve had three blindsides. You can even say it’s four since it was a complete blindside when Kaitlyn failed the Bonus Life comp to return to the game. And all signs point to another blindside in Week 5.

Bayleigh nominated Brett and Rachel for eviction, with the former being her target and the latter her pawn, so she could backdoor Scottie or JC if she wanted to. In an alternate universe, that would’ve been the blindside if Rachel kept her cool. But she did not. She lost her sh– and started freaking out about being on the block, even after assurances that she was a pawn, crying to Angela and Bayleigh about it (seriously, she went to the HOH room to talk to Bayleigh no fewer than six times in a day).

She got even more paranoid after Tyler won the Veto on Saturday. Tyler never intended on using it unless he could guarantee Bayleigh would put up Scottie as the renomination, but instead of talking to Tyler about his plans, Rachel believed Bayleigh when she said Tyler wanted her to put up Angela. Cue more tears and paranoia. Girl, why would you trust someone you’ve hardly talked to than your own alliance? Yeah, Bayleigh told you about her Power App, but talk to your damn alliance!

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Rachel’s “woe is me” party got so bad that Angela — her BFF in the house — was done with her and started discussing with Kaycee and Tyler about sending Rachel home instead of Brett, whom FOUTTE wants out. Rachel is too much of a liability now if she can’t keep it together when she wasn’t the target at all. Plus, keeping Brett ensures there’s a bigger target in front of them. Rachel also told Angela about Bayleigh’s app, and she in turn told Tyler, which sealed the deal for him not using the Veto to stay on Bayleigh’s good side.

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Rachel and Tyler eventually talked, but it was too little too late. She is comparably calmer now, mostly because she’s been told over and over again that Brett is going home so she has nothing to worry about. Bayleigh, Haleigh, Faysal and Scottie all told Rachel after the Veto ceremony Monday that they’re expecting it to be a unanimous vote (you poor innocent children). Little do they know what Level 6 has up its sleeve. Tyler has already locked down Sam to evict Rachel with him, Angela and Kaycee. JC has said he would evict Rachel too, but he told Rachel he’s evicting Brett and to keep it on the D-L. JC threw in the hinky vote last week to evict Kaitlyn to cause chaos, but that was because he knew the vote was going to be unanimous to boot Kaitlyn. In the previous weeks, which had much closer votes, he voted with Level 6.

There’s still a lot of time between now and Thursday’s eviction, but it’s looking more and more like Level 6 will pull off another epic blindside. Tyler, Kaycee and Angela already discussed on Monday how they would explain Rachel’s eviction to Bayleigh, coming up with an array of reasons, including Rachel making final two deals with Angela and Kaycee after discussing the all-girls alliance and Rachel telling them about Bayleigh’s Power App. Their conversation Monday night:

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Tyler: “Rachel hinted to me that Bayleigh has the power today.”

Kaycee: “That’s crazy.”

Angela: “We throw Rachel under the bus one more time and say Rachel told one of us that [Bayleigh] had a power.

Kaycee: “After.”

Angela: “After the vote.”

If Rachel gets evicted and FOUTTE still hasn’t figured out there is an alliance on the other side of the house, then they are hopeless. But they have Rachel partially to blame for this blindside. Maybe Level 6 would’ve still come around to the idea of evicting Rachel instead of Brett, but she picked up a fast pass out the door by not chilling the eff out. You know you’ve messed up when your closest friend in the house is this savage:

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