‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Rockstar’s meltdown got more ridiculous on the live feeds

And here we thought Kaitlyn was going to be the source of all the drama on “Big Brother 20.” Brett upped the ante on Thursday’s eviction show when, in his eviction speech, he lied and claimed Rockstar told him she was flipping votes to evict his bromance Winston instead and would pin it on Kaitlyn. It was great. Rockstar chewed him out during the live show, and it continued well into the night on the live feeds.

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After the HOH comp, which Sam won, Rockstar wouldn’t let up on Brett. Obviously she has every right to be pissed since she did not change her vote or tell him any of this, but there were better ways to handle this instead of flipping out for seven hours. How dare he do this on her daughter’s birthday! Fun fact: Her daughter’s birthday is actually Friday, not Thursday, which was when Rockstar went into labor. Who’s lying now?

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For his part, Brett kept up with the lie, vaguely reiterating that they had had that flip vote conversation. “Tell me again how our conversation went,” said Rockstar, to which Brett replied, “You were there.” This is good stuff. He also managed to win back the trust of Kaitlyn, who went on her usual spiral and started crying and questioning everybody, who were well over it by that point. Her latest intuitive breakthrough? She thinks Sam’s power flips two votes and that’s how Brett stayed. Actual exchange:

Kaitlyn: Do you know how before you were like put two and two together?

Tyler: Yeah. You just put two and two together?

Kaitlyn: The power was definitely used. I have no doubt in my mind.

Tyler: You are like a mastermind. I told you you know what’s going on. I rolled my eyes at first cause I thought that was not possible. It makes so much sense.

Kaitlyn: Or are you lying to me and you flipped? Just kidding.

If only Kaitlyn could intuit that her boy Tyler is playing both sides. But while Kaitlyn is downright messy, she was nothing compared to Rockstar in the wee hours of the night. She broke out the pots and pans (watch above) to taunt her “best friend” Brett and claimed that he told her he has a “micro penis” (tit for tat, you know?). Brett took it like a champ, casually going about his business and hilariously walking around the house, forcing Rockstar to follow him. Sam finally put a stop to it at 2 a.m., asking Rockstar to cease for the night because she’s disrupting the whole house. “The only reason I’m asking that you not do this is because it affects everybody,” she said, to which Rockstar relented.

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Needless to say, Rockstar won’t be forgiving Brett any time soon, but this only proves how genius it was for Brett to go after Rockstar in his speech. She’s easily combustible and provoked and is now making herself a target, while Brett looks like the cool cucumber who’s taking the high road. As Angela pointed out, Sam hates bullies — which she said in her pre-season interview — so this might make Sam consider nominating her, though she probably won’t (Update: Sam nominated Kaitlyn and Haleigh). (Of course, her power automatically going into play next week will make this a wash.) And with Rockstar going off the rails, this takes any heat or suspicion off of Brett’s Level 6 ally Tyler, who was the extra vote to boot Winston. The lie created chaos and paranoia among FOUTTE, who is now the victim of three straight blindsides, and Rockstar is reacting exactly the way Brett wanted her to — and she has no idea.

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