‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Should Sam use her power this week after Monday’s drama? [POLL]

Since Haleigh‘s reciting “Hamlet” in the “Big Brother 20” house this week, she should ask Sam, “To use or not to use?” Sam received the first Power App, Bonus Life, and has only two more chances to use it before it expires. Technically, it’s just one chance because if she doesn’t decide to use it this week, it will automatically be used at next week’s eviction. So should Sam use it this week? That is the question.

Sam has always leaned toward not using the power, which would give the evicted houseguest the chance to compete in a comp to return to the house, but a lot has gone down in the last 24 hours, thanks to Kaitlyn. (Spoilers ahead!)

After Tyler‘s late father came to her in a dream (yeah, we know), Kaitlyn told Scottie that she was the flip vote for Steve and that Sam had one of the Power Apps right before the Veto ceremony on Monday. Except the details of the app were all wrong — she made it sound like Sam had the power to take someone off the block and there’d be a new nominee and a revote. Scottie, who’s pissed Sam kept this from him, didn’t use the Veto on Winston or Brett, but naturally, he went about the rest of the day discussing Sam’s power with others in the house because now basically everyone knows, though only Tyler and Kaycee know its true use and that it expires next week; everyone else thinks it expires this week.

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Since Sam’s power is public knowledge now, even though not everyone knows the nuances, she should deploy it (Brett has already asked her to use it on him) to ensure maximum chaos and drama. This would also keep the numbers on Level 6’s side and a better shot of winning HOH, which is likely an endurance comp. This is also the last time she has control over its use. Tyler and Kaycee are in agreement that Kaitlyn has to go after her nutso antics Monday, so if Sam uses it this week and Kaitlyn is targeted next week, Kaitlyn won’t have the opportunity to come back. However, Sam has already told Tyler that she doesn’t want to use it this week because she doesn’t want to make Scottie mad. If only she knew that Scottie’s upset with her. If only they would, you know, talk to each other. There’s still time before Thursday for them to have a conversation, but it hasn’t happened yet as of press time.

If Sam doesn’t use the app this week, she might need it for herself or Tyler next week, which is the biggest pro for saving it. Since Scottie is so upset with her and Tyler, after Bayleigh let it slip that Tyler may have already known about Sam’s power, they could become targets depending on how much fire Scottie can stoke among his side. Also, since most people think Sam’s power expires this week, it would be a huge shock when it’s automatically used next week.

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