‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Should Tyler and Kaycee tell JC about their final two before the finale?

JC is in a rude awakening this week on “Big Brother 20,” when he not only will get cut in third place by either Tyler or Kaycee, but he will inevitably find out about their two deal (and by extension, Level 6). But how should he find out? Should Tyler and Kaycee tell him before Wednesday’s finale or drop the bomb during it?

With Tyler winning Part 1 and Kaycee winning Part 2 of the final HOH, and both of them intent on following through with their deal, there is no chance for JC to sit in the final two regardless of who wins Part 3. JC doesn’t know that yet, of course. He thinks should Tyler win Part 3, he will honor their final two deal and cut Kaycee. Tyler hasn’t really done or said much to hint at otherwise, even advising JC to campaign to Kaycee in case she wins Part 3. It’s great amusement for him and Kaycee and for us, but since he and Kaycee have final two virtually locked, they could use their last couple days in the house to break the news of their deal to JC so he’s not completely blindsided on Wednesday. If they tell him before the show and prepare him for getting cut in third place, he will have more time to process it, and Tyler can explain himself and try to work him over to secure his jury vote.

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If Tyler and Kaycee don’t reveal it until the finale, their last few days in the house will be peaceful. You know JC is not going to handle it well either way since he’s under the delusion that he’s been controlling the house and Tyler all summer, so he’ll probably pout and shout if they tell him now. If JC finds out during the finale — say, as he’s getting evicted — he’ll be incensed, of course, and will likely be bitter AF, but maybe he’ll be so stunned that he won’t have time to overthink and stew when it comes time for jury questioning and the vote. At that point, Tyler and Kaycee will be coming clean with their games and their moves; if he finds out now, he could think Tyler is lying to and manipulating him.

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No matter what happens, JC is right about one thing though. He told Tyler on Saturday, “People in the game are going to be like, ‘What the f—?’ when they know that we were working together since Day 2.” So will he, when he finds out it’s Tyler and Kaycee.

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