‘Big Brother 20’: Why Tyler shouldn’t bring Kaycee to final two anymore

Tyler has final two deals with Sam, Kaycee, JC and Brett on “Big Brother 20.” He has said that Kaycee is his true ride-or-die, but it might be time he considers taking someone else given how things are shaping up.

For a while, Kaycee seemed like a wise choice as Tyler’s final two partner as someone he’d win against. She was so quiet and unassuming for the first half of the game that fans nicknamed her Furniture because she blended in with the rest of the house. Even Zingbot zinged her for being boring. She won nothing outside of the Hacker Comp, which was in secret and no one outside of Level 6 knows about it. Until a couple weeks ago, she had fewer Diary Rooms than Steve, who was the first evictee!

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But with the game hitting the business end, Kaycee has stepped it up big time. She’s won back-to-back Vetos and as of Sunday’s episode an HOH (all of her regular comp wins have involved balls — apt for a wide receiver). She’s building a solid resume when it matters the most, and most importantly, she has good relationships with everyone — a huge factor with a bitter jury, which we might have again this year. Kaycee is friendly and doesn’t have any issues or beef with the current jurors, except for maybe Rockstar, but let’s face it, Rockstar has issues with everyone. She hasn’t left savage goodbye messages like Angela and Brett have. She’s grown closer to Haleigh the past week and comforted her when Haleigh thought she was the target. Even if Haleigh leaves on Kaycee’s HOH next week, it doesn’t seem like she’d hold it against Kaycee. “The personal relationship we have, I’m proud as f— about,” Haleigh told Kaycee Thursday night. “Obviously it makes sense for you to put me up. I want you to know that you have me.”

Tyler is no dummy. He knows how likable Kaycee is, and he talked about her win streak and the bitter jury Thursday night, the first sign that he might be rethinking his final two person. He likely knows that Bayleigh and Rockstar are long-shot votes for him, but he probably thought he was good with Scottie until his crude eviction speech that took shots at Tyler and Angela. Tyler revealed his Power App to Scottie in his goodbye message, but as we saw, Scottie couldn’t care less and thinks Tyler is a “coward,” implying that he doesn’t deserve to win. Tyler, obviously, has no idea this is what Scottie thinks of him right now, but the speech alone should be enough to ring alarm bells that it might be tougher than he thought to secure Scottie’s vote.

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So if Tyler doesn’t bring Kaycee, who should he take? Of his remaining final two deals, he’s already said he considers Brett to be his biggest threat, so he’s out. Sam or JC are his best options at the moment. Outside of Sam’s HOH win, which she forced Tyler to throw to her, neither of them has won anything, so they can be seen as floaters. Both have rubbed everyone the wrong way with their abrasive (JC) and unpredictable (Sam) personalities. And neither would be able to articulate why they should win very well in their final speeches or at least as well as superfan Tyler would — JC speaks with a very condescending tone and Sam has no idea what “Big Brother” even is after 79 days. She’s also said she would be happy to lose to Tyler, so she might just use her final speech to stump for him.

There are still three weeks and a double eviction left to go, so a lot can go down, like Tyler or Kaycee or both going before the final. Maybe Scottie will calm down by then and realize Tyler hasn’t been a coward but the season-long mastermind. Maybe when a Level 6 person inevitably goes to jury, he or she will explain some things to the clueless Hive. Maybe Faysal will finally figure out who flipped.

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