‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Tyler just did something he totally did not have to do

Did someone douse all the food with truth serum in the “Big Brother 20” house this week? Because no one can keep their mouth shut. Haleigh was doing so well keeping her hacker status under wraps until she decided to expose it at a house meeting for the ages to save Bayleigh. That left Tyler seemingly as the only person who can keep a secret. Well, that has ended. On Thursday, he spilled to Sam that the has the second Power App, The Cloud.

In an effort to secure Sam’s vote to evict Bayleigh, he told Sam that if Bayleigh stays, she would use her power to nominate him, which would force him to use his power and someone close to him (like Sam) would have to go up. He then explained that The Cloud gave him immunity from the block before a nomination or Veto ceremony, and he only has it for three more weeks. He said he “almost lost my mind” when production accidentally flashed The Cloud on the TV screen a couple days ago (was it an accident though?).

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Sam is upset he didn’t trust her to tell her earlier, but he assured her that he does trust her and she is the first person he has told, which is true. The conversation prematurely ended when JC walked in.

Sigh. Tyler, why? There was no reason to tell Sam, who has been voting with Level 6 this whole time and likely would not have needed more coercion than necessary. And he has already seen how word about the other powers had spread throughout the house.

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But If he were to tell anyone, Sam is the best choice because they’ve been tight from the beginning. Lest we forget, she cried a single dramatic tear when Tyler got nominated. She has also kept his secret that he is a “Big Brother” superfan, and he was the first person she told about her power, which he kept on the D-L, so now he’s returning the favor. Sam being Sam, she’s probably more upset he didn’t tell her sooner than the fact that he has one and how it can impact the game. Still, you always run the risk of getting exposed when you needlessly spill the beans about an advantage you have that no one suspects you of having.

Plus, it’d just be nice if someone can keep a secret for once. Loose lips sink ships.

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