‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Will Tyler even have to use his Power App before it expires?

Two weeks ago, 63 percent of our readers voted that “Big Brother20″‘s Power Apps have been a bust, and that number might go up now because there is a big chance that Tyler won’t even have to use his Cloud app and can just let it expire.

Tyler got his app in Week 2 and it’s good for the next eight weeks, which means it will expire in Week 10, two weeks from now. And in the past six weeks, he hasn’t even come dangerously close to using it. He cruised through the first part of the game until he was secretly nominated by Hacker Haleigh for eviction two weeks ago, but it’s not like he would’ve had a chance to use his app at the Hacker ceremony since the Cloud is only good for a nomination or Veto ceremony. Angela used the Veto on him and he survived.

Last week was the only week he had to seriously consider using it after Haleigh won HOH. Under the cover of the Hacker Comp, he proposed to Haleigh that if she wants to put him up, she should backdoor him so he’s not guaranteed two opportunities (Hacker Comp and Veto) to save himself, which she was planning on doing anyway. And should she backdoor him, he would go sit on his Cloud. But thanks to Hacker Kaycee picking Tyler for Veto and Rockstar for helping him out during OTEV, Tyler won the Veto and guaranteed his safety the old-fashioned way while still keeping the Cloud in his pocket.

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After Faysal won HOH this week, it seemed like Level 6 was in danger, especially after he said he wanted to get one of the boys out. Tyler’s and Brett‘s names were initially floated as nominees, and Tyler was probably trying to come up with some form of a “backdoor me” pitch to Fessy. But before anyone from Level 6 could talk to Fessy, JC got in his puppet’s ear and convinced him to put up his own alliance member Scottie next to Brett because Scottie is crushing on Haleigh. Truly comical. Fessy even told Tyler, Angela and Kaycee that they are not his targets and he would like to work together going forward, specifically as two duos with him and Haleigh, and Tyler and Angela. After Brett won the Veto, Fessy put up Kaycee as a pawn to ensure Scottie will get the boot on Thursday.

So Tyler and his Cloud app will escape this week again without him or Level 6 having to do much of anything (thanks JC!). He is also positioned well with everyone in the house right now, except for possibly Haleigh, but she has bigger fish to fry with Sam, who tried to get Fessy to put her up as the replacement nominee. Plus, Fessy has been trying to talk Haleigh into the duos alliance thing, so she’s moving past targeting Tyler at the moment. After Scottie goes on Thursday, there will only be two Hive members left, Fessy and Haleigh, and Fessy can’t play in this week’s HOH, so the odds are in Level 6’s favor to win (though they’ve been pretty bad at winning HOHs — they’ve only won two so far). And if JC or Sam win, that’s fine too since Tyler is aligned with them. If this scenario can rinse and repeat the following week, then Tyler is set and can just let his app expire. He’s even told Sam, the only person who knows about his app, that he would like for it to expire so no one else would ever know he had it.

If Tyler doesn’t end up using it, then the Power Apps will go 0-3. Two wouldn’t have been used, since Bayleigh was evicted with her Identity Theft app in her pocket, while Sam’s Bonus Life app was automatically used, but Kaitlyn flopped a puzzle made for a child. Safe to say this is definitely not what TPTB had in mind.

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