Here’s why you won’t see a ‘Big Brother 20’ team on ‘The Amazing Race’ any time soon

It’s an annual ritual: A “Big Brother” season ends and everyone starts speculating which of that season’s stars will go on “The Amazing Race.” We promptly got an answer last year when Cody and Jessica took off to film “The Amazing Race 30,” which they ended up winning, 11 days after the “Big Brother 19” finale. But you definitely should not expect to see any of the “Big Brother 20” alums on “The Amazing Race 31.”

Why? Simple: It’s already in the can. Season 31 filmed from June 10 to July 3, wrapping up two days before Steve became the first person evicted from the house. Season 31, which will likely air in the winter again, will have some other familiar “Big Brother” faces though: It’s a reality clash theme, featuring stars from CBS’ signature reality series, “Big Brother,” “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race.”

Cody and Jessica, and Jody fans, lucked out that Season 30 didn’t start filming until Oct. 1, 2017, giving TPTB time to cast the divisive pair on the “most competitive season” and allowing them to be on two reality shows that aired seven months apart. Jessica was evicted pre-jury and got the call for “The Amazing Race” a few weeks before the “Big Brother” finale, but Cody, who was in jury, was in the dark until the Sept. 20 finale. So, yeah, he literally had 11 days to prepare for going from being cut off from the world for three months to racing around the world for three weeks. Clearly it wasn’t much of an issue since they became the first “Big Brother” team to win “The Amazing Race.”

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So Season 31 is completed, but what about Season 32, you ask? Surely, they have time to cast Tangela or Swayleigh or Fayleigh or Brinston for that, right? Well, first of all, CBS hasn’t officially ordered a 32nd season yet. Since “The Amazing Race” was reduced from two seasons a year to one a few years ago, the network has only ordered one installment at a time.

That said, Season 32 is unofficially ordered. CBS likely wants to have seasons in the bank since “The Amazing Race,” which enjoyed a ratings bump with Season 30, has become a utility player, replacing failed new shows or filling in gaps in its schedule. Plus, the logistics of the show requires advanced planning; it’s not like “Big Brother,” where houseguests can move out and producers can revamp the house in time for the “Big Brother: Over the Top” cast to move in the next week.

As Reality Blurred noted in July, “The Amazing Race” had a casting call out for Season 32, asking for teams of two with a pre-existing relationship — a sign that the season won’t be themed and will return to its original concept of regular folks racing with someone they know. Reality Blurred also pointed out that the show’s casting director, Lynne Spiegel Spillman, replied to a fan on Instagram at the time that finals casting will be done the last week of July and filming is scheduled for November.

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If plans haven’t changed, then it doesn’t look like a “Big Brother 20” team will be on Season 32, and the earliest we’d see one globetrotting would be Season 33. But reality shows cut contestants at the last second all the time at their discretion — Tyler was almost on “Big Brother: Over the Top”; “The Amazing Race 31” reportedly dropped three “Big Brother” teams the week before filming started — so if “The Amazing Race 32” wants to generate advanced interest, it might just shamelessly add a “Big Brother 20” team in the next few weeks.

For their part, most of the “Big Brother 20” stars seem to be open to doing the show (but really, why wouldn’t they be?), based on their interviews and social media postings. JC claimed he got an email to do “The Amazing Race” with Fessy on Instagram on Sunday, but he’s totally lying or is being played because he would not be allowed to say a word if he were cast. Meanwhile, Tyler and Angela, who are moving in together, did an Instagram Live on Monday, in which they said “nothing’s official” about any “Amazing Race” rumors; they had returned to the CBS lot earlier in the day for “personal business reasons.”

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