72% of ‘Big Brother’ fans say that Swaggy C is ‘so annoying’: Do YOU agree? [POLL RESULTS]

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams is one of the most controversial houseguests on “Big Brother” Season 20, and you need to look no further than our poll results above to see the evidence. A whopping 72% of fans voted in our recent poll that this 23-year-old day trader from Bridgeport, Connecticut is “so annoying.” To compare, only 18% of poll respondents said that they “love” Swaggy, while the other 10% didn’t care “either way.” Do YOU agree or disagree with those poll results? Be sure to sound off down in the comments section.

On Wednesday’s episode, Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman‘s plan to backdoor Swaggy went off without a hitch. She initially put up two pawns — Winston Hines and Scottie Salton — as a rouse to throw suspicion off the fact that she’d been working with Tyler Crispen all week to get Swaggy out. After Tyler won the Veto competition, he used his power to remove Scottie from the block. A teary-eyed Kaitlyn then told a jaw-dropped Swaggy that he was the replacement nominee.

Instead of exploding at the Veto meeting, Swaggy took the nomination like a man and calmly sat next to Winston on the block. But in the diary room, Swaggy revealed what he was really feeling. “The perks of living in the hood, you’ve gotta be prepared to die at any moment,” he declared. “So coming to ‘Big Brother’ I knew at any given time it could be my time to go and I have to be ready for that. The drama has been brought upon me. I’m gonna run with it. I’m gonna make everybody’s life a living hell.”

Do you think Swaggy will be evicted on Thursday night, following Steve Arienta out the door? If so, will you miss his “Swaggy C” shirts and the fact that he always talks himself in the third person? Other questions to ponder before the eviction episode: How will Swaggy’s showmance partner Bayleigh Dayton cope if he’s eliminated? Will Kaitlyn’s FOUTTE alliance of Faysal Shafaat, Haleigh Broucher and Rockstar Lantry forgive her for betraying them? And who will become the third Head of Household of Season 20?

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