‘Big Brother 20’ spoilers: Will The Hive ever realize there’s another alliance?

One of the best parts of “Big Brother 20” has been the blindsides. There have been four through five weeks, and each one has been against FOUTTE, now known as The Hive. It’s made for some amazing, hilarious television, because those suckers truly are not expecting it, and then you think each one is going to be the last. Surely these people will figure there’s another alliance in the house, right? Nope, still not yet! So will these ding-dongs ever realize it?

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We got a glimmer of hope after Haleigh won the Hacker Comp and nominated Tyler, but she still hasn’t caught on that he’s been controlling the game this whole time. As she said in her Diary Room, she thinks he’s playing both sides and riding down the middle. So close, Haleigh, so close. Well, he is playing both sides, you say. Yes, but only to cover his tracks — Tyler is very, very good at covering his tracks — but his true allegiance has always been to Level 6. Every single blindside and backdoor he’s masterminded has been for his and Level 6’s benefit.

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After the Veto ceremony on Monday, during which Angela took down Tyler and backdoored Bayleigh, The Hive still hasn’t realized there is a whole other side of the house working against them. It was just more of the same ol’, same ol’ walking around dazed and confused, which is also what Faysal does 90 percent of the time on the feeds when he’s not chasing Haleigh, let’s be honest. They are completely clueless as to why this keeps happening to their group and also haven’t realized that Scottie has defected and is working with Level 6.

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More troubling for them, they still think Tyler is a “weak-minded” player and is floating alongside whoever has power or is friendly with him (like Kaitlyn). Their read of the entire house is laughable. An actual exchange on Monday:

Bayleigh: Last week, Tyler was like, “I want to move forward with just Bay and Scottie.” Now you want to move forward with Angela?

Haleigh: He is just weak-minded and a good competitor.

And another one:

Faysal: Tyler is a weak-minded player and he goes week by week.

Haleigh: Right now Angela has control over him.

Faysal: If you strike a deal with him, he will keep me and you safe the following week.

Haleigh: Then I’ll backdoor Sam.

Sam! They want to backdoor Sam, the person who tried to stage a mutiny against the Hacker Comp because it wasn’t fair (yes, there are also her slut-shaming comments about Haleigh to take into account), but point is, Sam has done nothing game-wise.

Oh, and Haleigh — who, to be fair, has not told anyone she’s the hacker — also said this to Fessy: “I do know that Scottie has sway over Tyler. To be in with Scottie is to be in with Tyler to an extent.”

You have to give Tyler a lot of credit for cultivating this perception of himself within The Hive. If you watch his conversations, he adapts his personality to whoever he’s talking to or for whatever the situation calls for. If someone is losing their mind (like Kaitlyn), he is patient and listens to them. If he’s talking to Level 6, he’s sharp and direct. If he’s talking to The Hive, he plays dumb and leans into his surfer boy persona.

It honestly might take someone telling The Hive in jury about Level 6 and Tyler because it doesn’t look promising for them to get a clue inside the house. You almost can’t even feel bad for them because they’ve had a lot of power — more power than Level 6 has had — but they don’t know how to use it or how to trust each other and strategize.

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