What has been The Hive’s stupidest gaffe on ‘Big Brother 20’ so far?

Oh, The Hive. What are we going to do with you? We know we sound like a broken record, but The Hive is truly the gift that keeps on giving on “Big Brother 20.” Have you ever seen a more bumbling alliance? You can’t even call them underdogs at this point because The Hive has actually won more comps than Level 6, but they shoot themselves in the foot every time they’re in control or have the chance to get ahead. The Hive is the definition of “messy.” They cannot read a room at all and make the most mind-boggling decisions nearly every single day, from ill-advised pitches to — oh, you know — telling the enemy a Veto answer. Honestly, there’s a blunder like every 15 minutes, but let’s focus on the three biggest ones of the game: Which one has been The Hive’s dumbest move so far?

Bayleigh tells Rachel about her Power App
Bayleigh had a game-changing Power App — the ability to secretly overthrow an HOH’s nominations — and decided to tell Rachel about it when she was trying to convince Rachel to let her put her up as a pawn. At this point, Bayleigh’s entire alliance didn’t even know about the power; she had only told Faysal. Why would you share this crucial piece of information with someone who’s not in your alliance? Someone who can go and tell other people about it? Which is exactly what Rachel did. That led to Brett exposing the app to the whole house in his eviction speech. You’d think Bayleigh would want to use it, especially with Angela winning HOH, but she told her she wouldn’t and instead revealed that her power lasts until the final eight and didn’t expire that week like everyone had thought. Again, why would you tell the other side your last advantage? That just expedited Level 6’s goal to evict Bayleigh before she could use it. And now she’s the new Marcellas: getting evicted with an unused power.

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Haleigh reveals she’s the hacker in a house meeting
Hacker Haleigh started promisingly: She did the right thing and secretly nominated Tyler. And then it all went downhill. So concerned with not exposing herself as the hacker, she didn’t want to pick herself for the Veto. OK, fine, but then pick an ally, like Fessy. Instead, through a hilarious sequence of events, Bayleigh casually convinced her to select Kaycee for the Veto, neither of course realizing she’s in alliance on the other side. After Bayleigh got backdoored and was suspected to be the hacker, Haleigh felt so bad for her pal that she held a house meeting to do exactly the thing she didn’t want to do when she made her Veto pick: reveal herself as the hacker. It’s a very considerate move as a friend, but this is a game, and she just exposed her own.

Now Tyler and Level 6 know she’s after him — she also canceled his vote — and she’s made herself a target. When she won HOH, Tyler knew he had to strategize and prepare for the possibility of having to use his Cloud Power App (he literally told Haleigh to backdoor him, which she was planning anyway). Had Haleigh not held that house meeting, she might not even be on Tyler’s radar right now.

Everything Rockstar did in OTEV
Rockstar, a self-professed “boss ass bitch,” might be the most strategically and socially inept player of all time. She is on the block, is in the penultimate OTEV round, her alliance is outnumbering the enemy two to one, and she decides to verbally confirm the answer with Tyler, who immediately realizes he picked the wrong one. He went back, got the right one and beat Haleigh to the stump. Rockstar keeps saying that she “showed” Tyler the answer, as if she accidentally flashed her card to him. That would still bad, but this is way worse: She wanted verbal confirmation from him — someone not in her alliance — that she had the right answer. In the words of Bayleigh:

Then in the final round, she brought back the wrong answer, handing Tyler the win. (Kudos to the editors for the dramatic “The Natural”-esque slo-mo only to drop the twist ending.) Why she thought Bayleigh was one of the people evicted with at least eight votes beats us. Only eight people were eligible to vote for Bayleigh’s eviction, and one of the votes, Tyler’s, was nullified. She was also on the block opposite Bayleigh. And oh yeah, that eviction literally happened two days before the Veto was played.

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Had Rockstar not done either of these things, she or Haleigh would’ve won Veto, Rockstar would’ve come off the block, Haleigh would’ve tried to backdoor Tyler, Tyler would’ve used his Cloud app, Kaycee would’ve gone up against Angela, and Level 6 would be losing a member. Instead, Rockstar is likely going home on Haleigh’s HOH in another blindside.

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