‘Big Brother 20”s Tyler and Angela are having a lot of fun teasing us about ‘The Amazing Race’

The world is waiting for Tangela, but they are waiting for “The Amazing Race.” “Big Brother 20” power couple Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans say they would absolutely race around the world if they get the call from CBS.

“I don’t know, you guys will have to stay tuned!” Tyler told People about doing “The Amazing Race.” “We don’t have anything official yet, but we’re definitely open for anything right now. I would only do ‘Amazing Race’ with her.”

The feeling’s mutual: “Absolutely, that would be amazing!” Angela said.

The couple, who’ve moved in together since the “Big Brother” finale last week, is one of the handful of “Big Brother” pairs that fans have been asking to see on the globetrotting reality series. But as we pointed out, that won’t happen on the next season of “The Amazing Race” — because Season 31 has already been filmed. Last year, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were able to join “The Amazing Race” right away because Season 30 started production 11 days after the “Big Brother 19” finale. They, of course, ended up winning.

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There is a very small chance Tangela — or another “Big Brother” team — could go on Season 32, which is scheduled to start filming next month, but that is dependent on TPTB cutting a team since casting is completed.

Tyler and Angela certainly are enjoying fueling the fire about their potential “Race” appearance. In an Instagram Live on Monday, they said “nothing’s official,” and Tyler’s been teasing their new “journey” with a globe emoji.

If Tangela don’t go on “The Amazing Race,” they’d also be up for returning to the “Big Brother” house — but only if they could go back together. “I couldn’t do it unless Tyler was in the house with me,” Angela said. “And I won’t let him go without me. It’s a package deal, is what we’re trying to say.”

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