Tyler told Sam about his power on ‘Big Brother 20’ — will that come back to haunt him?

Tyler, the one person who seemed capable of keeping a secret on “Big Brother 20,” told Sam about his power on Sunday’s episode. The actual reveal came Thursday morning, when Tyler was trying to secure Sam’s vote to evict Bayleigh. As we all know, Bayleigh still left, but Sam voted to evict Rockstar out of pity for Bayleigh possibly leaving on a unanimous vote. Between that and her unraveling in the house, it probably wasn’t a great idea for Tyler to tell Sam, but will it come back to bite him in the butt?

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Tyler revealed his power to Sam for the same reason Bayleigh revealed hers to Rachel: engender trust to coerce the other person to do something. At least Tyler shared it with someone he’s been working with and not the enemy. Sam, at her Sammest, was offended that he didn’t tell her immediately after he got it, to which he assured her that he trusts her and is telling her now and hasn’t told anyone else. In her Diary Room session, Sam said she doesn’t believe that Tyler has it, so that’s a win for Tyler. She could just forget about it and never mention it again.

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But if she gets hung up on him withholding it from her for so long, she could go blabbing it during another vent-fest about who may or may not be making fun of her. Or she could just casually mention to someone, “Yeah, Tyler told me he has the second power, but I don’t believe him. I think he just said that to get my vote.” As of press time, Sam — spoiler alert! — has kept Tyler’s secret under wraps. She’s all about honesty and integrity, so she likely wouldn’t betray him like that. She still has not told a single soul that Tyler, her first friend in the house, is a superfan of the show.

But Sam’s behavior lately has thrown a complete wrench into the proceedings. Tyler regretted telling her, said in his DR that Sam is “so bad for my game” right now, and he and Kaycee said they were both over Sam. That doesn’t mean they can’t patch things up, but with Sam’s moods swinging so wildly, it’s hard to say what will stick or what she will do.

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