‘Big Brother’ 20 winner predictions: Tyler Crispen still leads in Week 8, as JC Mounduix skyrockets on our charts

It looks like JC Mounduix‘s “puppet master” manipulation during Week 8 of “Big Brother” 20 has paid off handsomely. The 28-year-old professional dancer from West Hollywood, CA just cracked into the Top 5 of Gold Derby’s winner predictions after weeks of coming in near the bottom of our charts. Of course, our season-long frontrunner Tyler Crispen still has the best odds to win, but our readers are taking note of JC’s masterful week inside the house. Have we all been underestimating JC this entire season?

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To recap, JC came out swinging as soon as his “big, dumb puppetFaysal Shafaat won Head of Household. JC wanted Scottie Salton nominated for eviction, so he toyed with Faysal’s macho attitude by lying that Scottie had a crush on his showmance partner Haleigh Broucher. And of course Faysal, whom Zingbot notably called a “full-time moron” this week, fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Faysal put Scottie on the block next to Brett Robinson, claiming that it was because one of them was lying about the sole vote to keep Rockstar Lantry in the game last week. Viewers at home know that Scottie was indeed telling the truth and that Brett was lying, but Faysal had no idea whom to trust. Perhaps that week of eating vegan ham as a Crap App punishment messed with his brain cells?

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Zingbot hosted the hide and seek Veto ceremony, which featured a “Zing-a-lago” theme as the six players ransacked the house in the hopes of keeping their cards hidden. Brett won thanks to his unique strategy of stacking several mattresses on top of his card, but Wednesday’s episode ended before the Veto ceremony could take place. Since the Level 6 alliance of Brett, Tyler, Kaycee Clark and Angela Rummans (plus honorary members JC and Sam Bledsoe) has enough votes to send home Scottie, it won’t matter who Faysal nominates as Brett’s replacement. Thus, JC’s intricate plan this week of manipulating Faysal into targeting Scottie will likely go off without a hitch.

Here are the winner rankings as of Week 8 of “Big Brother” Season 20, based on the predictions of our readers: Tyler is first with 1/2 odds, Sam is second with 11/1 odds, Haleigh is third with 14/1 odds, Brett is fourth with 20/1 odds, JC is fifth with 22/1 odds, Angela is sixth with 40/1 odds, Kaycee is seventh with 40/1 odds, Faysal is eighth with 40/1 odds, and Scottie is ninth with 50/1 odds. See more “Big Brother” odds and rankings.

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