Here’s Winston’s eviction speech poem he didn’t read on ‘Big Brother 20’

Winston Hines is a poet and he knows it. The third evicted houseguest from “Big Brother 20” said he had written a poem as his eviction speech but decided not to recite it on Thursday’s live show. Now that his anger level at being blindsided has dropped from 100 to approximately 92, he shared his composition in an interview with TV Guide:

Roses are red, violets are blue
Everybody take a look at this HOH because he’s lied to every single one of you
Take a look at last week, let’s rewind, the voting was eight to four
Eight seemed to be a number that most of you completely ignored
Not 20 minutes later, Scottie‘s crowned HOH with Swaggy C across his chest
However, none of you knew that that night I put him through a lie detector test
Scottie voted for me to stay, and then blindsided me with a nomination the very next day
So take this information, keep it close to your heart
Because Scottie’s reign of dishonest power is about to disappear in the wind like a cold little fart

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Shakespearean stuff right there. Given how things unfolded, Winston is upset he didn’t recite it now. He opted to play it safe with a “heartfelt” plea after his bromance Brett targeted Rockstar in his fiery speech — claiming she told him she was flipping votes and would blame Kaitlyn — and because he had been led to believe he was staying.

“I knew that there was still a possibility for me to stay so I thought me delivering a normal, heartfelt speech might help me in the future if I stay, so maybe I do need to work with Scottie, maybe I don’t need to throw him under the bus with this poem I worked on all morning,” he says. “So I knew when Brett started speaking about Rockstar with some under the bus things, I was like, ‘Here we go, man. Brett’s painting himself even bigger.’ So at that point I knew I needed to do a heartfelt speech and be normal. I was just hoping for the best.”

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Winston says he’s still trying to figure out why his and Brett’s Level 6 alliance chose to save his bro over him. “The best scenario that I’m trying to rationalize is Brett has made such a huge target on his back that ultimately keeping him would keep the heat off of everyone else,” he says.

But while he’s still “shocked, frustrated” and “pretty mad” about his eviction, Winston has nothing but love for Brett and doesn’t resent him for getting the votes to stay. In fact, he wants the final two to be “Brett and Brett.” “He’s the only one I want to see succeed in the game,” he declares. “I hope everybody else falls apart.”

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